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Work From Home Opportunities That Are Not Scams

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Are you fearful of going online to check out business opportunities?  But you know that’s what you want to do?  With the thousands of opportunities out there, how do you determine the work from home opportunities that are not scams?

Read what I’ve learned in my online journey.

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Yes…this is an online opportunity

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How to Tell Which Ones to Stay Away From


They promise “get rich quick with little work”

Sure, some people have made money from their online business very quickly.  But these folks often have emails lists that they use to “blast out” the latest fads.  These lists often number in the thousands and were gained either through:

  • Other ventures
  • Other “gurus” (they share)
  • Paid lists

Many of us don’t have these lists but I believe it’s better to grow your business and your customers.  I would prefer quality over quantity.

Always check out the product they’re actually selling.  So many of these “opportunities” are all about selling a program that will make you rich…and all you have to do is sell that program yourself.  I always ask, “Where’s the product?”  What “thing” am I actually supposed to sell that people can hold and get value from?

You need to be careful that you don’t get caught up in the recruitment of others over actual sales.  While some multi-level marketing opportunities may be legitimate there are many that are not.  These are often pyramid schemes and are, for the most part, illegal.  Please do your due diligence when you are researching online opportunities.


If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

…it usually is.  When you’re checking out various businesses don’t fall for:Personal values

  • the hype
  • the push to “buy now”
  • or even the “limited time offer”

If they are really offering something of value why would they make it disappear?  Good products will “stay on the shelf” and be available for those who need it when they need it.

You should always check these opportunities against your values and what you know to be true.  We too often fall for the glamor and glitz and put our common sense aside because we want extra money and we want it now!

Take your time and make those quality decisions in the same manner as you would when you are buying a house, a car, a wedding dress.  You want quality, regardless what you buy or who you sign up with.

It’s also interesting to note that most of the information that is being sold on the internet is already available…free.  Someone has just taken the time to put a pretty package together, tied it up with a pretty bow, and are now spamming a unique opportunity.  Don’t fall for it.


So How Do You Know What To Look For?


Are they providing information…upfront!

Legitimate online businesses may require that you enter your contact information if you want to see more or have questions.  But they should do so at the same time that they are offering you FREE information about the company or the opportunity.


Check out how Wealthy Affiliate stands up to this test:


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You have questions and are searching for an online opportunity for a reason.  Companies that want your business, you are a customer after all, should be providing you with the upfront information that you need to make your decision.  This is even before you have to sign up and provide your valuable contact information.  Remember above that I said some of these “scam” companies are building their email lists?  Don’t add to their list if you don’t think they are offering what you are looking for.


What do they provide in exchange for your contact info?

You need training, support, discussions…all of these things if you are looking to start up an online opportunity.  Make sure that they let you know what this is and what you will get when you sign up.

Legitimate companies don’t have anything to hide and should be proud of what they offer, whether it’s free or paid.  They also need to let you know…early…what kind of support you will get if you sign up with them.  Working from home is sometimes a lonely experience and you need to have a trustworthy online community that you can go to for help and support.  This is probably one of the most important things to be aware of and to look for.


Search for reviews on the company

There are many good and bad reviews about each company and it’s important that you do your homework and seek these out.  I’ve added a few of mine in my Reviews tab and invite you to take a look.

It’s also recommended to do a search for websites dedicated to reviewing scams and businesses as they will post their own reviews about the good and the bad sites.  These are great sites to check out and are typically authored by people who have been online themselves for a while and know what to look for.  Find a few of these sites and bookmark them because they really can help.  It worked for me and, ultimately, led me to Wealthy Affiliate.

I now know more about websites and how to build one because I trusted the review site I found and the online opportunities that they recommended.

If you would like to know what I think you can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.



These are just some of my thoughts about what to look for to make sure you don’t get scammed when you are searching online.  I invite you to check out some of my reviews and posts to see what else is useful to you.

I also invite you to contact me if you have any questions or other important points that we all need to be aware of to make sure we aren’t scammed.


  • Look for credible companiesMake the right online decision
  • Do your research…trust yourself
  • You are the customer and should receive great customer service


You are making the right decision to start an online business…and you don’t want to be scammed!

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