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Who Created This Website?

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Ever wonder who the person is behind the website?About Me

Have you ever read a website’s “About Me” Page and didn’t learn anything about the owner?

Why is it important to know the “who behind the what”?

Hi, my name is Rick and I created this website that you’re on right now.


Here are some things I’ve learned  since being online.


Visitors Want to Get to Know YOU!

Fortunately, there is a lot of awareness out there about scam, spams, and get-rich-quick schemes.  But because of this we have all become a little more diligent when we’re surfing.  Even if you own a website and have information you are selling you need to tell your visitors something about yourself.

“Gun shy” is often to referred to as being extremely distrustful and suspicious about people and/or opportunities.  This is a good thing because there’s a reason to be this way…too many people have been burned.  So even when they first land on your site you have to convince them:

  • That your site is safe


    You Are Safe on my About Me Page

  • They will be respected
  • That you are a REAL PERSON!


Checking Out Your “About Me” Page

A large number of your visitors are going to check out your “About Me” page because they want to see who they’re dealing with.  Make sure you’ve included the following:

  • A picture…preferably of you
  • Your name
  • A welcome message
  • Tell a little about yourself
  • You can also include your reasons why you are doing the website

If your website is nicely set up and professional looking, your visitors will quickly figure out if it has the information or products they are looking for.

Who Are You Online?Now they want to learn about you!

Your goal is to be honest and let folks know who you are.  They may be thinking about signing up with you but they want to know who this person is that will be providing ongoing help and support.


Why Should I Follow You?

You have a short span of time to let your visitors know that not only is your website to be trusted but so are you.  And how do you convince people to follow you?

You can connect with your visitors with common goals and interests.  They won’t know what yours are unless you tell them.

Share a chapter of your own story of how you got to where you are and why you created the website in the first place.

Ensure you provide quality and not quantity…that’s already out there on a million websites.  You want to show your visitor how you, a human, can help them.  This will ensure they gain that trust in you and come back to check up on your next offerings.

Be passionate in what you are doing and make sure your visitor sees that in the words you write and the pictures you include.  You have to be doing these things for the right reasons, meaning that you care about what your visitor reads and sees, or they will leave just as quickly as they came.


 Read Why I’m Following

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Write a Short Obituary

I think this is a good exercise because it really makes you stop and think about what those that are closest to you will say about you.

  • Are you remembered as a caring and compassionate person?
  • Did you give or only receive…and never say “thank you”?
  • Did you make a difference in anyone’s life?
  • Why will the world, your family and friends, be less because you are not there?

I’ve done this a few times myself over the years and it has really helped me focus on my values and even my direction in life…because there is always time to change.  I’ve also insisted on bringing these values online, whether on this, my own website, or when checking out various opportunities.


So, I’m curious, when you find an interesting website and might buy…do you…Check out Wealthy Affiliate

Read the “About Me” page?

Read reviews about the product?

Read reviews about the author?…hmm, see how important this is!


I would like to hear if you check out website owners…please leave me a message below and I will be sure to get back to you.

Thanks for reading.

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