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What is Website Traffic and Are You Merging?

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How to get more Traffic Most of us know what website traffic is and that our sites, especially those that we want to monetize, depend on visitors pulling over and parking for a while.  Hopefully they’re taking the time to stroll through your pages and posts and will stay and visit for a while (I haven’t figured out how to offer coffee yet through my laptop).

But have you ever wondered how you can merge with this traffic so that you are traveling the same road together?  Do you realize that by joining your “niche convoy” you can enjoy the journey together and still deliver the goods?  This is about another way to think of “healthy competition” that works for everyone.

What’s Your Toll Booth Telling You?

There are many ways of tracking those who visit your site.  Whether you are using Google Analytics, WordPress Jetpack, or any of the others, there are ways that you can see:

  • The number of visitors
  • What they typed into the search engines
  • What pages/posts they looked at
  • Which are the more popular posts
  • How long they were on your site
  • Are there any trends
  • What are your visitor’s behaviors
  • Are they clicking on outgoing links (i.e. your affiliate links)

This is telling you who is coming to your site and what they are looking at while they are there.  But is it enough?  Is there a way to increase the traffic to your website?

You can get more traffic…and you don’t have to buy it!


Why You Should Merge

Building the traffic to your website is actually a two-way street; you need to be traveling the same highway as those in your niche.  If you are having trouble deciding what your niche is you can read my article, “Choosing a Website Name” to help you along your way.

Put simply, getting more traffic means traveling the same road.

  • Spend time on websites that are in your niche
  • Interact and leave comments…don’t spam!
  • Ask questions, give answers…joke, laugh, and share.  You are meeting fellow travelers
  • If it’s allowed, you can leave your website url
  • If you get a comment on your site that’s legit make sure you respond back, even check out their website and leave a comment in return

These online communities will help your site grow, maybe not overnight but remember, it’s the journey, not the destination, that matters!  Those are real people, just like you, on the other side of the keyboard and they have the same hopes, desires, and problems that you do.  That’s why you want to make sure that you’re traveling the road with people who are safe and won’t try to sideswipe you with a truckload of spam.


Show Your Fellow Travelers When to Get Off

This, of course, is at your website (and you at theirs).  Your posts and even your pictures are your road signs that let people know when your off-ramp is coming up.  Make sure that it’s clearly marked and that everyone is welcome…they will find what they are looking for at your road stop.

And then deliver!  Start by introducing yourself.

Website Traffic Learn About Me

photo credit: Bob Jagendorf via photopin cc

Because you’re on the same road as your visitors you know what they are looking for.  You now need to make sure that they have found it at “your place”.  And that you’re there (this is when it would be nice to offer coffee) and you’re ready to answer their questions and provide them with the top-notch service they are looking for.

Oh, by the way, those visitors won’t stay at your diner if the menus are written in crayon or the booths are dingy and dirty.  They want to be met by professional, yet personable, hosts/hostesses that greet and serve like they really mean it.

Your tip…they buy from you…and they return for another visit!

And remember…next time?…coffee is on them!


Thanks for reading.


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