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What Is Good Website Content?

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Writing Good Content

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Like other website owners you’ve probably asked what is good website content and how do I write it?


  • What can I write that will bring visitors to my site,
  •  Get them to read,
  • And maybe even buy?


Let’s talk about what good content, posts, really is and how you can ensure that you are giving your visitors what they have come searching for.

Write for the reader…not the search engine!

Your visitor has come looking for one of two things:

  1. Information
  2. Products

We all have become very adept and know what we are searching for when we enter our query into a search engine.  We have become more sophisticated and specific and therefore expect to “hit” very quickly on the information or product that we want.  Or, within 5 seconds, we will move on to to the next website.

This is what you must anticipate with your visitor.  You need to do your research and understand:

  • what people are searching for,
  • how much traffic certain keywords receive,
  • and what your competition is.

If you want more information about this read my review of Jaaxy, a keyword research tool that I use all the time and highly recommend.

Once you have done this you are ready to create your post.  And it must be written for the reader.  Think of what you would be searching for and would want to read…AND WRITE THAT!


Know Your Audience and Think Like Them

Know what your visitor values

Know What They Value

It’s very important that you have done your research on not only your topic but also your audience.

  • What are they searching for?
  • What do they need?
  • What can you give them?

Don’t ignore this critical piece when building out your website.  You are writing for them and if you are not providing what they want they will leave.  IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

You can also use yourself as an example of what and how people search.  I’m sure you’ve looked up a few pieces of internet tidbits here and there.


Provide Accurate Information

Research and know your topic or your visitor will not stay.  Again, they are looking for very specific and, oftentimes, timely information or a product that they need or want to buy…right now!  Give them that bite-sized tidbit in your headline and, if possible, give them a relevant picture so they know they have found what they are looking for.

It may be necessary at times to link other relevant websites to your post if that is the best information available and you cannot improve on how it was written.  Give that website proper credit and let your visitor know that this is a site that has been useful to you as well.  This will pay dividends in the long run because your visitor will recognize that it’s more important to you to provide quality information for them…and THEY WILL THEN COME BACK TO YOU!


Be Relevant and Interesting

Life shaping events to blog about

Write About Events That Made You Who You Are Today!

There is always another way to present relevant topics in a fresh way.  It’s very unlikely that the information you have on your website is “brand new” or “a first”.  But how you present that information or product should be from your unique perspective and writing style.

Most people are not surfing the internet looking for a philosophical debate or the latest scientific formula…there are not that many Plato’s or Einstein’s out there.  But what they are looking for is accurate information that is presented in an interesting and engaging way.

Oftentimes we hear, “Oh, that’s interesting”, but it’s said in such a manner that we know they are being condescending.  But, truly, when you write something on your website IT MUST BE INTERESTING!

Your posts need to be relevant to the people that you want to read them so don’t “fly off the handle ” and go on a rant that’s not relevant to your reader…they will click away and you’ve lost them, all in about two seconds.


Be Original

Your website, and each blog or post on it, needs to have your style infused throughout.  Whether you write best by typing, recording, or good old fashioned pen and paper, your style needs to come out in your writing.  Your visitors will begin to recognize this and will feel comfortable as they get to know you better through:

  • What you write
  • And how you write.

Don’t try to be a Stephen King or a William Shakespeare because that is not who you are.  Also, don’t write in a forced or technical manner when that is not who you are.  LET THEM READ YOU!


The Restaurant Booth

Probably the best way to figure out how to write as “you” is to think about how you talk, how you phrase things, how your tone and body language changes while you are talking.  I refer to this as talking, or writing, as if you were in a restaurant booth.

Whether you are with your family, friends, or business associates, pay attention to how you talk and whether you are speaking with enthusiasm and knowledge.  This is how you need to write for your website.  It needs to be conversational and comfortable.  It needs to be natural and show the human element online.

It also needs to be a two-way street, meaning, who you are sitting with (otherwise known as your website visitor) should be engaged in a dialogue with you.  They should be able to offer their comments and insights and responses.  ENGAGE YOUR WEBSITE VISITOR!


Watch this video about Creating Readable Content:


Write Reviews

Many people online want to know what others think about a product or service.  Why not write a review:

  • About your own website
  • Other websites that are in your niche

People will appreciate this and not only will your candor and opinions be appreciated, you will also be seen as an authority on the subject.  This is a great way to provide the information your visitor is looking for.  Oftentimes they are wanting to check a company, opportunity, or product out and need to know what others think.  HELP YOUR VISITOR MAKE THEIR DECISION!


My Last Words on Good Website Content

WA Banner Screenshot

  • Be original
  • Be accurate
  • Be you

And the traffic will come!



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  1. You touched on something very important here Rick when you said “be you”. That is something that most people completely forget about when creating content for their website. They try to appeal to search engines…they try to write as though they are writing an exam…and subsequently they end up failing.

    Your website has a purpose. To help others out. The content you create needs to do this and it can absolutely be written by you, in your voice, and communicated in any way you like. People will relate to YOU much better than you think.

    • Thanks Kyle. I’ve decided to go back to writing further Street Articles as well and continue to use that to develop my “online voice”, if I may call it that. It’s interesting that I received quite a number of views on my “First Year Blogging” post. I suspect folks were interested in what that was like, what my frustrations might have been, and also my successes. I want to do more of that engaging style of writing, and not the “text-book” stuff I know I’m guilty of at times.

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