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What Is An About Me Page And Why Would Anyone Read It?

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“Tell us a little something about yourself.”Read All About Me

If you own a website it’s extremely important to include an About Me Page because…people do read it!

“Why would anyone want to read it?”, you may ask.

They will likely never meet you and therefore will only have what you say about yourself to make a decision if you’re:

  • A real person
  • Who writes original articles
  • And someone…maybe…that they can trust!

Visitors Want To Know That You’re a Real Person

Accustomed to being scammed and spammed online, visitors often land on your page not totally convinced you are legitimate.  You have to convince them that you are a real person that has put together the information or products that they are looking for and that you are continually adding more information for them.

Sure, they may arrive on your doorstep because their search has led them to your site, but they’re still jittery about being there and may leave if they think you’re not being forthright.  So they search your site to learn something about you.


Visitors Need To Know That You’re Not An Article Spinner Or Scammer

Because of all the hype online website visitors are cautious for a very good reason.  A good many people online have been burned and have doled out money on get-rich-quick and other schemes.  “Glitz and glamour” will definitely send them elsewhere should they even get a whiff of this on your website.


So What Should You Say About You?

Here are a few tips that I think are important:

  • Introduce yourself; tell your visitors what your name is…even say “hi”.
  • Give a brief history of who you are
  • Tell them a little about your family, your life, what you do…if you’re comfortable with doing this
  • Even include a brief explanation about why you created your website.  Visitors are always interested in learning why you’re doing what you’re doing; what brought you here.


1253038466_main 5Include A Picture Of Yourself

Have you ever talked to others on the phone or via email and then finally get to meet them?  Have you ever been surprised with how they look, what they wear, and have you even said, “I thought you were taller”?

Because your visitor will likely never meet you why not include a picture on your About Me Page that lets them see who they’re following or doing business with?  Then they can at least picture you whenever they are interacting on your website or, even, leaving comments or interacting with you via social networks.


Your About Me Page Leads To A Better Visitor Experience

Creating a believable and trust-worthy website is extremely important when communication or doing business online.  You need to leave your visitor with a good experience and make them want to come back again.  They do this when they know who they are dealing with and know a little something about you.

Will you get to know the same information about them?  Probably not!  But then, you are not their visitor or customer and therefore they are not obligated to disclose anything about themselves on a public domain.

Who you are should also come through in how you write you posts.  Because they have gotten to know you a little better on your About Me Page, they should “see that person” littered throughout the pages and posts and even the pictures that you include in these.


They are learning to trust you and getting to know your personality!


A Final Word About Your Privacy

Only include information on your About Me Page that you are comfortable disclosing to the world.  This could be read by anyone from anywhere in the world so you want to make sure that your information is “safe” on the internet.

Learn about people in the worldDon’t include your address, phone number, etc. unless they are needed for a local website or are your official business name and contact information.  Also, ensure that your family and friend’s private information is not disclosed.  You may want to let your significant others know what you have posted to ensure that you have not given away too much.

Even though you have an About Me Page doesn’t mean that you have to also include “Find Me” information.


I invite you to check out my About Me Page and feel free to leave me a comment.  If you would like, join me at Wealthy Affiliate where we have a live chat room and get to know others online who are doing what you are doing.


Thanks for reading.


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