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What Is A Chat Room?

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Are you working online from home?What is a chat room  Sometimes it can get pretty lonely…And hard to stay focused on your business…

Have you ever wondered what a chat room is?  Do you belong to a chat room?

Have you ever considered the value a chat room can have?  Join me and let’s chat about that.


Chat Rooms…A Place to Talk Online

WA Live ChatMany at-home entrepreneurs or authors know what it’s like to put in hours and hours of work with no one around.  Typically your significant others or, if you have them, your kids are away at school or have moved away.  Even with music…the lack of sound can be deafening.

Sometimes all you need is a few minutes or even a few hours just to talk to someone.

  • To pick their brain
  • Share your knowledge
  • Maybe even vent your frustrations

Sometimes what you need is an online place to talk.  These chat rooms are typically open 24/7 and are a great place to “talk” with people like you who are also:


Chat Rooms Are A Community

You need to find a chat room that is the type of community that you need and that are possibly even working in the same niche that you are.  There are attributes that your chat friends should have:

  • you are not competing with one anotherWA Welcome Mat
  • you are working towards a common goal
  • you are able to help and support one another
  • varying degrees of expertise (especially useful to newbies)
  • respectful

Your chat room is going to be a place that you spend a lot of time and interact with people that you never have met and will probably never meet.  It’s very useful if everyone has a current picture of themselves so you at least get to see what they look like.  It’s then easier to build trust and relationships with these people.


Chat Rooms Are Associated With Online Training Sites

Typically, chat rooms are associated with whatever online training or business you are associated with.  This means that you are already “hanging out” with your peers and that certainly helps to level the playing field when it comes to a commonality of purpose and visions.

You are then able to discuss certain aspects of the training and possibly even review one another’s works in progress.  This is a great opportunity to find out if:

  • you’re on the right track
  • have a marketable idea
  • could tweak and polish before you publish


Online Friends = Relationships

Personal values and internet marketingJust like we develop quality and life-lasting relationships with our “offline” family and friends, you will soon find yourself becoming quite involved with home circumstances and problems with the people in your chat room.  Before you know it, you are speaking to them as if they are your neighbor or have been your best friend for years.

You will connect with some more so and deeper than with others and, just like in our offline world, that is totally fine and to be expected.  You’re soon following one another in your social networks and, possibly, even exchanging private emails or phone numbers.

You will also find that you’re “organically” connecting with people because you both live on the same continent or are close to being in the same time zones.  This means that you are typically online at the same time, whether for business or pleasure.


World Wide Friends

What’s also kind of cool is that you are making friends from many places around the world, not just in your home town or even country.  What a great way to learn about other cultures and realize the things they can and cannot do that, perhaps, you may take for granted.

Online chat rooms have become a great way to take advantage of the world wide web in a way that wasn’t originally anticipated…why not take advantage of it!


Imagine If You Got To Meet Them!

Could you imagine if you got to actually meet (putting aside any travel or other costs at this time).  Could you imagine the greetings that would occur and the squeals of delight and “you’re not as tall as I pictured” type of comments.


Being able to talk face to face would be an incredible experience for any of us that have developed online friendships.

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It’s something I would treasure…

And would help me interact in a whole different and more meaningful way…

The next time I “talked” to my online friends on my online chat room!


Thanks for reading.


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  1. Great article! I never thought of this, except for WA.

    • Thanks Pat. Our online chat rooms are extremely important and we need to make sure they’re supporting us and we them.

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