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    Funny story: I’m starting a blog site…

    …and I’m sitting here looking at a blank page on my computer

    …and I don’t know what to write!

    …Auspicious beginnings for a site about learning to blog.

    My Blogging Journey

    My blogging journey began in the summer of 2012.  I was wanting to get back into my writing after a 20 some year hiatus and thought articles and such would be a perfect way to refresh myself.  And then I got sidetracked by the online marketers who wanted to sign me up for this and that but didn’t want to take the time to work with me to develop a business.  Oh well, they got their “passive income” for 4 months…and I got out!

    But the spark was lit.  I knew I wanted to blog.

    I knew this was something I wanted to do so I continued my search.  Eventually I wound up at Wealthy Affiliates but you can read about them on another tab here.  I knew that I had found a forum for my writing and to develop my skills.

    So what has happened?  Have I been able to do anything to reinvent my writing and create blogs?  Yes!

    • I’ve reinvented a comedic character from my younger days and have had fun writing letting him do the writing.
    • I’ve commenced writing about jobs and our satisfaction, or lack thereof, of those jobs.
    • And I’m writing to you, here.

    I think this is a pretty good beginning and I’m pleased with what I’ve done.  And guess what:

    I did this by getting past my fear of starting my own blog website!

    I realized that writing and blogging work so well together:

    • write an article (a blog)
    • and post it on a website instead of in a notebook or a letter.


    But how do you start a blog?

    That way I can send it electronically to people and interact with them in an entirely different way.  And, I found out how I can set up a “Subscribe by Email” button as well as include social media buttons so people could get updates and share the blog post with friends and family.  It’s really kinda cool!

    Let me pause here.  Yes, you will need to set up a website of your own so that you can blog but it’s actually fairly easy and there’s lots of training to learn how to blog.

    I happen to promote Wealthy Affiliates because…well, again, you can read about that on the other tabs on this website.

    The point is, it’s easy enough to learn to set up a website and learn to blog so don’t let the fear of creating one be the thing that prevents you from doing it.  Want to know what’s really cool?  You get to name it…it’s yours.  There will be more discussion about that under the tab “How To Blog”.

    Creating websites and blogs can be learned and it is a lot of fun! 

    Join me…

    Tell Your Story…Share Your Passion!


    If you have any questions about Baby Boomers blogging, I would love to help.  Just leave your comment below!


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