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Build Your WebsiteI’m sure all of us Baby Boomers have heard that “the best things in life are free”.  While that’s true, some things that are free can also require a lot of time and energy.

  • So you’ve found a free website now how do you set it up?

  • Did it come with instructions?

If you are still looking for a website host I have a number of things that I think you need to be aware of before you “buy”…even when it’s free.  Look before you leap…read before you sign.

What platform are they using

Their platform will become yours.  Whether it will be WordPress, one of the better platforms and one I personally recommend, or Blogger, or any of the others you may find, make sure it is one that you will be comfortable using.

  • In my experience it has been fairly easy to find out what they are using and also how much flexibility, if any, you have to change anything.
  • Ideally, you want to be able to “start from scratch” meaning, you shouldn’t be looking for a pre-designed website (granted, that’s sometime easier) but rather a website that you can create and build it to look the way you want.


Watch this video about setting up your website:

Build your framework

You will want to choose the theme of your website.  This means that the “blank page” will, to some extent, be what you want it to be.  But with the theme comes the look of:

  • the header
  • the number of columns
  • the sidebars
  • and the footers.

You want to ensure that the design is something you will want to work with.  Your framework will also include

  • the menu tabs on the top, if you choose to have them
  • as well as the ability to add pictures
  • leave a place for comments
  • and decide if you want a single page to be displayed or if you want it to show as a blogroll, meaning, your latest post is on top.

I would encourage you to surf some sites to see what I mean.  Rather than read the content, take a look at how the owner has built their site.  Is it appealing?  Does it draw the eyes where they need to go?  Or is it covered with ads from top to bottom?  These are the things you will need to decide on as you begin the exciting journey of building the framework of your website.


Training and Support

This is probably the most important piece you will need to set up your website…even one that is free!

  • Are they offering assistance with choosing your theme and setting up your framework?
  • Do they give you training on all that “techie-stuff” we Boomers are so fearful of?

When you chose your theme there will be many things that you can do with it that you will need to learn how to do.  For example: menus, widgets, categories, pages, posts, plugins (if you use WordPress)…and many more trinkets and gizmos.  You need to ensure that regardless who you sign up with for your free website will provide the training…and support to help you on your way.

Support should include:

  • The ability to contact the owner’s support center and get any question answered, preferably within 48 hours.
  • Support might also mean a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or a site search box that lets you type in your query and it will take you to the answer.
  • Oh, and it’s kind of cool when the site owner replies directly to you as well.

Get it free…make it you…with their help.


I recognize that it may be sometimes difficult to know where to turn or who to ask but by deliberately checking out website platforms and the training and support provided will certainly assist you to get and build a quality website that will truly reflect who you are.

I invite you to check out Wealthy Affiliate: they offer two free sites and incredible training and support.  Check it out…you won’t be disappointed…and you will find me there!

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