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Retirement Hobbies Profit Baby Boomers

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You have worked hard and have had hobbies to help you with that work/life balance.  But did you know that your retirement hobbies can bring you profit in your retirement years?  Even online?

Walk Through VideoHave you ever said:

  • I don’t have any talents?
  • I can’t do anything?
  • I’m not artistic or creative?

Don’t sell yourself short…and you will discover that you do, indeed, have something to sell!


Do what you love and make money while you do it!

Here are some of my ideas (yes, my hobby is listed at least once, can you figure out which one it is?):


Crafts from your RV

Many Baby Boomers are retiring and traveling in their RV’s .  If the truth be told, they are actually wintering in warmer climates.  Then they come home to their families in the summer time, proudly referring to themselves as “Snowbirds”.

But while they’re traveling, while they’re relaxing by a golf course or in a “senior’s-only” resort, they are also busy making crafts out of yarn, sand, old lawn chairs…you name it.  And then they are going to various flea markets in their travels and setting up a booth and making some extra money.  And they are still crafting while they sell.


Baking money

Mom’s, and even grandma’s recipes are making their way to local farmer’s markets and at the same flea markets as above.  Not only are these being baked and sold, the recipes themselves are sometimes on display…for a price, of course.

Starting an online business is also a great way to sell these recipes and begin conversations with those that might need some tips and tricks.  Sharing mouth-watering pictures of the finished product is a great way to a sure sale.


Look What This Guy Built From His Workshop

Look What This Guy Built From His Workshop

Woodwork from your garage

Whether it’s birdhouses, furniture, or decorative art, the garage is a great place (if you don’t have a shed) to build your way to some extra money.  Most people don’t have the time nowadays to learn this valuable craft and commit the time to making it look beautiful.

Craftsmanship has disappeared over the years but it’s always interesting to watch the reaction people have when they are looking at something that is handcrafted.  They immediately begin imagining it somewhere in their house or yard.


Write from anywhere in the world

Many of us wish to be a published author.  With laptops, tablets, and even smart phones you can now compose from anywhere in the world.  Why not begin that piece of literature that has been bottled up inside you for all these years?

Another advantage, as noted above, is that this, too, can be done from anywhere in the world.  What a great idea to have even a self-published book or an e-Book to sell at that flea market.  Hmm, maybe it could be a recipe book.


Picture the world

Like photography?  Have a camera you snap continually?  Or, for that matter, do you have a camera on your phone?  Why not use that passion to take pictures and share and sell them online?  Or even build a frame to sell both at the flea market?

Baby Boomers enjoy traveling the world which many people cannot do given their current life circumstances (gotta keep those kids in school and busy with activities).  Use your travel opportunities to share the world with those who cannot see it first-hand.


Teach them youngsters

There is also the opportunity to use the skills you have developed all of your working life to help teach those who are coming behind you, whether at work or at school.  You can hire yourself out as a tutor, a researcher, or even a mentor back in the work place.  Allow others to benefit from your experience and skills.

While they may be ahead of us in technical skills or can get a job done quicker, Baby Boomers have experience, calm, and humor to help balance the stressful workplaces that have become the norm.


Super Affiliate for online marketingAffiliate programs

Should you still not think that you have marketable hobbies that will earn you extra retirement money, you can take a look at the online business world.  There are many affiliate programs that allow you to sell their products for a commission.  Just do your research before you sign up blindly to the hype and promises that many of them offer.  Check for reviews and even get references right from the company or others if possible.

Of course, you will need a website to do something like this but that, I’m sure, is why you are here and reading about Baby Boomers learning to blog.  The resources you need are at Wealthy Affiliate and I encourage you to check that out.


All in all, you actually have many skills and hobbies that you can offer up for sale.  Take stock of what these might be for you and begin to think of ways that those might earn you some extra money.

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Me, I have some ideas on how I plan to make some extra retirement money.  You can read about those here.

Be creative…

People buy quality…

And quality is what you have to offer…

 Take action on your hobby!

Thanks for reading.



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