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Personal Values and Internet Marketing

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Is making money all that matters?

Is A Buck All That Matters Anymore?

We have all heard of scammers, scams, spam, junk email…all of it.  If you’re like me you bring your values to your internet marketing searches and strategies.

  • Why is it that not everyone does this?
  • Is the “almighty buck” the only thing that’s important nowadays?

I say NO!…and so should you!



Exercise your integrity when you are searching online and only spend time on those sites that show and tell theirs.  This will prevent “misleads and foibles”, I call them, so that you don’t follow blindly those that are quite willing to lead you astray.

Not everyone is ethical online and integrity is not their middle name.  They are hustling the next dollar and you need to keep your wallet in your pocket so that it is not your dollar they take…because that it typically just the start.


This is critical to us in so many ways:

  • At home…with our spouse, kids and other significant others
  • At work…with our coworkers, from our boss, even from the organization we work for
  • In our social lives…whether it’s at social gatherings or online, we should treat others and deserve to be treated by others with respect.

You can tell fairly quickly if an online community shows respects for its members and if the members are showing respect for each other.  I would argue that this is one of the main reasons people will join and stay for it’s in safe places that we ask the questions we need answers for when we are creating our websites.

If you’re looking at signing up for any online marketing program or selling any products, you need to make sure that you will be treated with respect.  This includes in a business sense as well because often we are partners in success and who wants a partner that calls you or anyone else names or easily rips you apart.


Just because you are creating a business and will likely have business partners of some form or another, there is still no reason not to show compassion.  After all, and just like you, they are human beings who want to interact on a business and personal level.

Our sympathy and empathy can boost so many tentative and shy website owners or people in our social networks that it behooves us to show we care.  How many times have you yourself responded enthusiastically or brightened up when somebody actually showed compassion…that they care about you as an individual.  Why not return the favor?


Above all, be honest!  “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  Not being honest with…:

  • Potential customersBe honest online
  • Business partners or associates
  • Your online training community
  • Your social networks

…is a sure-fire way to make sure they don’t come back to your website and possibly even “X” you from their social networks.

It’s through our honesty that we build trust and enduring relationships.  Someone may not sign up or buy this time but just because they know you are honest and trustworthy they will most likely stick around or come back to see what you next have to offer.

This is “salesmanship” in its finest form because it’s not always about the sale but it is always about the person.

So do you, or does anyone, have to forsake your personal values for the sake of having an online business?


But You Should Review a Legitimate Website

This is not the way to build and grow an ethical business and will certainly take you down the statistical road of another failed business.

Stay true to yourself and your values

Stay true to the value of your internet business…and you must have them because people are watching!

And your new and returning visitors will learn to trust you and come back for more.

Thanks for reading.

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