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My Review of Jaaxy a Keyword Research Tool

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jaaxy_logo_300x98_transProduct: Jaaxy: Keyword Research Tool

Website: http://www.jaaxy.com/

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Score:  9 out of 10.  Read Why I use it!



Jaaxy promises that they are the “keyword tool of choice”.  Website owners need to know keywords that are competitive and driving traffic to their sites.

Jaaxy is your “Idea Incubator” that provides “low competition, high traffic niches and keywords that convert”


  1. Try Jaaxy Free – 30 free searches so you can see how valuable it is
  2. Jaaxy Pro – $19/month; $199/year
  3. Jaaxy Enterprise – for Power Users: $49/month; $499/year
  4. Affiliate Program – earn commissions when others sign up via your link $8 and $20 respectively)

Jaaxy Price Plan

Intent of Product

To be a fast, efficient research tool that provides website owners, especially marketers, the accurate information they need to compete and rank in the search engines.



Is provided via videos to demonstrate how the program works (Note: these are for those who have purchased the program)

  • Details on the various columns within the program and what they will do for the user
  • How the competition feature works
  • How the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) works
  • How the Jaaxy Affiliate program works

Bonus sections

  • A downloadable list of recommended keywords
  • A downloadable guide to discover hot niches
  • A downloadable guide to “domain-flipping”



Contact info on the home page prior to even having to log in.


Provides keyword search results giving the user the following information:

  • # of monthly searches
  • Estimated traffic
  • QSR – Quality Search Results: this is the number of competing web pages using the exact same term in Google
  • KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator: Uses “traffic-light” snapshots: green is great, orange is ok, and red is poor
  • SEO Power – provides a score based on the traffic, the Quality Search Result and the competition.  Provides a scale of 1 – 100, the higher the better (i.e. green is great)
  • Domain Availability – shows all “dot” extensions
  • Domain Search – find out if the keyword search domain is available
  • To Do and Save – allows you to keep your individual keyword searches organized so you can come back later
  • Brainstorm Queue – shows a separate column of related keywords

In addition, Jaaxy provides further options for users to “dig deeper”

  • Keyword Data
  • Site Rank
  • Competition
  • Website SERPS
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Brainstorm
  • Find domain names


Screenshot of Jaaxy

A Screenshot of Jaaxy


30 Free Searches may not be enough to trial.

The Keyword Data column does not always provide additional suggestions (Note: the original query may have been too specific)

No testimonials by users regarding the program



  • Start Free: trial Jaaxy with 30 free searches to determine its value to you Join here

If you would like to check out the online school that introduced me to Jaaxy you can sign up here for FREE.


My Recommendation

Jaaxy is a fast, efficient workhorse that provides users the keyword information they need, immediately.  Whether you are looking for your niche or a low-competition keyword for your newest post, Jaaxy delivers.

The save function is extremely useful as search results are quickly delivered and, oftentimes, provides additional suggestions.  Being able to save and continue searching gives you incredible keyword lists in a very short period of time.

Jaaxy allows users to spend your time where you need to…building your niche website with competitive keywords.  It’s working for me and I know that it will work for you.


Score: 9 out of 10
















Let me know in the comments below what your experience has been or if you need more information about Jaaxy.

Still not sure about Jaaxy?  Try it out for free today!





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