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My First Year Writing A Blog Has Been Interesting

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Very InterestingI realized today that it was almost one year ago that I wrote my first blog.  It has definitely been an interesting first year as a blogger and finding my way through the maze of “online opportunities, gizmos, and gimmicks”.

I have learned a few things along the way and thought I would share them in the hopes that other Baby Boomers can learn the pros and cons of creating their own websites and even learn to be successful online.

As a bit of an introduction I need to start out by saying that I first got interested in owning my own business quite a number of years ago.  That was in the days of mail order marketing and talk-till-you-drop selling.

The internet was not even a twinkle in a fiber optic cable and Microsoft and Apple were not yet conceived by their creators.  But yet the marketers were out in force trying to get you to sign up on the dotted line.

Fast forward through many years of working and raising a family and realizing that I still wanted to own my own business.  Enter the internet and finally, one year later, I’m beginning to find my place online.


It’s time to open my online store…


Don’t Fall For the Overnight Sensations

Probably because of my earlier desires to own a business and make decent money I was prime fodder for those that promised me riches but didn’t tell me that they would be the ones getting rich.  So yes, like many that came before me and that I’m sure will follow, I signed up on their “landing page” (which took the place of the dotted line).

There were endless opportunities and auto-pilot programs that promised me money while I slept.  But what I didn’t take into account was that to get on auto-pilot one must first learn to fly so you can take off and land.  Seems these critical pieces get overlooked by both the scammer and scammee (me).

Well, as you can guess, I didn’t become that “rags to riches” story that everyone assured me I would become.  But I did learn that working online is what I wanted to do.


With that lesson out of the way…


Restricted Sub-Domains You Don’t Own

One thing I realized early in my blogging career was that having a sub-domain that I didn’t own was very restrictive.  By this I mean that I bought products that also came with “my own” website.  Except that I was very restricted with what I could do with them as they were pre-built and not to be tampered with.

As an example, I couldn’t post any other links or even delete the ones that were on my site…which meant it wasn’t my site.  If you don’t have absolute control of your website then that means that you don’t own it.

Fortunately after about 4 months I jumped ship and jumped over to both WordPress and Blogger, which, while sub-domains, at least gave me more of the control that I wanted.  There’s nothing more frustrating to someone who likes to write than to see other websites and wonder “why can’t mine look like that?”

And these were free sites which meant that I could create one without throwing away more money.  I decided to create a site with each of these so I could experiment and maybe, or so said that little tiny voice in the back of my mine, make some money along the way.  Oops, wrong again!


Then I figured out what I needed…


Find the Right Online Education

You see, I’m a strong believer that if you can carry on a conversation then you can write on a blog.  The difficult part is knowing how to create a website, even a free one, and what you can do with it in terms of layout, pictures and even monetization.

So in my online searching I knew that what I needed was someone who could teach me these things, even if I had to pay to learn, just like you would with any post-secondary education.  But I also knew I wanted the control that had been lacking in my earlier attempts because by this point I was quite taken up with the concept of “owning my own piece of internet real estate”.

The rest, they say, is history.  I now own my own site, have a great online training center and support community, and I’m now happily blogging for other Baby Boomers.

If you would like to learn more about my online education you can read my review here.  It’s truly a dynamic community and free is a nice way to start.


My first year online seemed rather chaotic and unfocused but I am happy to report that I’m smarter and less attracted by those schemers and dreamers who won’t take the time to build a quality website and teach others how to do the same.

About Me

People want to know who you are
That you’re a real person

I can say that this website you’re reading has now been active for 6 months and I must say that I believe that I have come a long way and am now doing exactly what I envisioned for myself a year ago.  In fact, I just looked back on my first blog and smile when I think of how difficult that seemed to be at the time.  You can read it here if you would like.  It’s interesting, it’s actually about me and talks about some of my early online adventures and what lead me to creating this website.


I would love to hear your stories of your first year online or, if you’re just starting out, what it is that you need to know.  Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave me a comment or question below.


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  1. Quite true Rick.
    Like many of us I consider myself quite tech savvy so I decided to start a website in the autumn of 2012 shortly after my retirement. Not only was I going to start a website but I wanted to earn money to supplement my retirement income and also have some fun doing it as well.

    So I searched around a bit and fell for a sales pitch about a “web business in a box”. Intrigued I ordered their sales material which arrived by courier a few days later. After digging some more into the offer I discovered that this “web business in a box” was part of a huge multi level marketing campaign where I would have been at the bottom of the pyramid; probably earning little while my “coach” higher up in the pyramid was going to make most of the money and get rich off my work. Did not seem to be fair to me so I abandoned that idea. I joined affiliate programs in the hopes of making some commissions. Never earned a dime. I tried dropshipping and an Amazon Affiliate store. Several hundred dollars spent on sites and not a penny of revenue.

    I got discouraged until I discovered a training program that showed the right way to go about things. Now with the training, support, and resources my first site launched this week is getting traffic and legit comments.

    I also got my first sale finally from Amazon affiliation on the site I started in late 2012. It was a $400USD sale. And it happened because I have started retrofitting the site with the new knowledge I have picked up lately through the right training.

    • Absolutely agree with you, Mike. We can search for some time for a good training program but it’s worth taking the time to do. Too many “opportunities want your money and keep it at the top. I’m like you and bought into things that were wrong but they at least made me keep searching. Having the right online training and support is critical to our success. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Old Codger says:

    Another excellent post and advice, Rick! Auto Pilot programs that make you money while you sleep? In your dreams!! You have to be a Conscious Pilot…
    🙂 G!

    • But yet people fall for these auto pilot programs that are like “sugar-plum fairies”. make money while you sleep. I think our society wants it easy, cheap and free, like having everything handed to them on a silver platter. It takes hard work, training and perseverance to be successful online. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Autopilot does not exist except in transportation. Auto blogging and robots and spinners should be denounced by us legit bloggers.

      • Totally agree, I checked out one article spinner and had to run because you would create multiple gmail accounts with fake addresses and the articles would be spun through some kind of automated system. This just smacks of spam and bad SEO tactics. I did an article on proper SEO for Beginner Bloggers that I think is very useful to read. Thanks for reading.

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