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My Blogging Thought for the Day: Be You Online

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Think outside the box conceptHave you ever gone looking for that one thought for the day that will help, encourage, motivate, sustain you?  I think that’s why many of us search this phrase.  We often need that little push or kernel of wisdom that will help us cope or even make us smile.

There’s no better time to be thinking outside the box than when it comes to your own website and being yourself.

But what about for those of us who are creating a website and trying to develop followers online?  Do you ever feel drained and exhausted sometimes that maybe this isn’t for you?

I’ve recently discovered (I’m a slow learner sometimes) that I cannot be nor should attempt to be anyone other than myself online.

Oh sure, we all read about the latest product that will make us rich or we find a great online school that is exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to training and support.  But sometimes we we let ourselves take on the persona of those that are training us or those that will lead us to the land of milk and honey (that last is said very “tongue in cheek” and intended for all those scammers).

Here’s the thing and it’s actually quite simple: be yourself online…period!

When you are yourself online people will read what you write because you are revealing yourself and sharing many thoughts, and even feelings, that they have.  This post is one of the few that I have written without doing a lot of research or prepping for.

Baby Boomers Learn To Blog will be adding a “blog within the blog”; meaning, my goal is to share my own thoughts, learning’s and even frustrations as I work on this site.

Why?  While there is a lot of information and resources here (yes, they are well researched and prepped) this blog is to provide regular updates on the creation and development of this site…from the author’s perspective.

Because many of us work at home we often don’t have the support and encouragement we need when we need it.  The goal of this blog will be to open up that dialogue and interaction.

And I decided that talking about being yourself online was the right choice in topics for launching this.  You can read my About Me page to get further insight but this blog will be my opportunity to speak regularly to you and allow me to share myself and my thoughts.

There is no great secret on the internet when it comes to reading great posts and learn valuable information.  There is also no great secret to sharing your online experiences and thoughts.

I have been learning a lot of valuable information over at Wealthy Affiliate and know so much more about creating and building websites.  I’ve also learned about website frameworks and many of the gadgets and widgets that you need to learn (no, I have not learned coding yet and not sure if I ever will).

But what I still need to develop is my online voice…of me speaking to you and, hopefully, engaging in conversation via comments or even social media.

I must admit to some success over at WA when I review websites or comment on blogs or even get involved with their Live Chat.  I’ve found that I’m developing my voice, my compassion, and even sharing my experience with new members.

I’ve been left wondering if that is what I need to introduce on my website here?

What do you think?  Do we need more one to one dialogue online where we help each other out or talk about issues of the day or even help each other succeed with our websites?

I’ve tried to do that here by including short tutorials; whether they’re about WordPress or blogging or how to write good content that people will read.  But now I want to take that up to the next level and start to build engagement and discussion online.

So don’t try to be someone you’re not…be you on your blog and let people get to know you and what you think.

You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here but what I’m truly hoping for is to hear back from you in the comments below or maybe create discussions on the different social media.  Thanks for reading and I hope to hear back from you.


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