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Marketing Your Business Success

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Do you have a successful blog or website that has done reasonably well and that you’re particularly proud of?  Have you thought about marketing your business success to grow even more success?

Too often we’re looking to be successful when, truthfully, we already have stories that need to be told.

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Trumpet your victories…

Include testimonials…

Visitors like to read success stories…because then they see that they, too, can be successful!


Let Visitors Know What Your Business Is

Don’t just assume your visitors know where they have landed.  Ensure your website name is visible and easy to find.  It should hold a prominent position on you page, typically at the top of the page.  Don’t crowd it out with promos or banners and ensure that if you have an icon or a picture that it doesn’t take away from the ease of finding the name of your website.

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Website Tagline

You are also able to add a tag or a byline to your website name.  It’s an opportunity to let your visitor know what the site is and what it’s about.  While you cannot change the name of your website you can change the tag/byline of your site.

Assuming you are using WordPress, go to your dashboard, then to Settings and finally to “General”.  You will find a “Tagline” box that will allow you to enter your site description.  Use this wisely so that your visitors know what your site is about.


Let Visitors Know About Your Successes

With the thousands, if not millions of websites out there, especially the ones promoting work from home businesses, your visitors want to know about your successes.  Some of the most frequent questions asked are:

  • Will this work?
  • Will I make money?
  • Are you making money?

Whether you are or are not making money, this is still sometimes a question that we don’t easily answer.  In my mind, it’s akin to asking somebody what they’re making per hour at their job, not something we easily talk about.

However, regarding the first questions, oftentimes we are having successes that we don’t really stop to think about.  But you need to.  For instance:

  • Are you learning about creating and building a website?
  • Are you getting traffic to your website?
  • What are some of the strategies you are using on your website?
  • Where do you get free or paid images?

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All of these are things that you have and are continuing to learn about.  When your visitor sees that you are going through exactly what they are or will be, they are more likely to want to follow you and see how you are doing.  Let them know…you’re not giving away trade secrets but, rather, needed information.


Let Visitors Know That They Can Do This, Too!

Sometimes the ability to start is half the battle.  Whether it’s to create a website, market a product, or provide information via a blog, most newbies to the world of online business want to know that it works.  Plus they want to know that it is not difficult to do.

Help them by showing them what you have done and what you are doing.  Show them that the product you are offering is what they are looking for.  When your visitors see the value and content of your online business they will remember you and will return.

Use the success you have had online, regardless what it is about, to market your business and improve your sales or click-through rates.  Whether you want to use a testimonial tab or have a sidebar filled with comments, people can see that you’re successful when you tell them of your success.

There is another huge advantage in promoting your successes: you, too, see what you have accomplished and how far you’ve come since beginning your marketing business.  We too often dwell upon the negative when, truly, the positive is larger than we imagined and is something we should be proud of.


personal online values  You’re not boasting when you post about your success

…you’re showing others

…and yourself

…that business marketing works and you have these examples to prove it!


Thanks for reading.



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