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Making Money With A Blog

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Before we get too much further, I do want to spend some time discussing making money with a blog for those of you who may be considering this.

Others Make Money…Or So I Hear…Can I?

Of course you can!  But I’m sure you would agree that it would be better to create a quality site that reflects your views and your passions.

Watch this video: “How To Find a Profitable Niche”

I want to discuss with you some ideas that you can use to make money with your blog but I first want to provide a warning: Please beware of the “get-rich-schemes” that are out there.  I encourage you to do your homework and make sure that they are a legitimate online company; i.e. they should have a way to contact them, a product they are selling, or even a proper website that you can review…without having to buy anything.  So often these “gurus” make money…and we don’t.


Options for an Online Business

1. Have a product to sell…do you create, build, or quilt something?  This could be something that is your specific niche and you can sell online.  This would be very unique to you and something that you could definitely develop a targeted market for.

Another product could be a book you’ve written and want to get published.  Publishing Houses are no longer “the only game in town”.  Many people are now publishing their books as eBooks for the exploding e-Reader market.


2. Sign up for Affiliate Programs…these are free!  These are companies that have a product and allow you to link to their website, get an affiliate ID, and link it to your website.  You then get a commission from sales that come through your link.

The nice thing about this is that you have no inventory and the “home website” does all the tracking and shipping, including if it is delivering a product online such as eBooks or education opportunities.  Here are a few examples

Make sure you fully check these out, read their terms of service and affiliate agreements so you are following their requirements.


3. Review Companies and/or Products…everyone wants to know if something is a scam before they sign up.  Help them learn the valuable information they need to know to make their decision.  And isn’t this what we all do…look for reviews before we sign up?

If you decide to do this, make sure that you are an affiliate of the company should anyone decide to “click through” from your site.  That way you will get credit and possibly earn a commission.

I Can Do This!

Can you make money blogging?  Sure you can.  But don’t expect to make it overnight and if you’re looking for something to pay the bills now…this probably isn’t it.

You want to plan…be patient…build a quality site offering information that is being searched for.

Do you see how starting an online business…from home!…works so well with blogging about things that you are interested in?  Do you see how you can be blogging about your passions while you tell your story?  This works for Baby Boomers just like it works for everyone else, including those with more computer or internet “savvy” than we have.

Start your own home business.  Make money for travel, retirement, the grand kids…you decide…it can be done.

  • Find your profitable niche that = your passion…what you know or want to know
  • Find a product or Affiliate Program that is a “natural fit” with your niche
  • Build your online business!


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