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Make Extra Retirement Money

This page is dedicated to those who may want to make some extra money to supplement your retirement…now!

Do you want to:

  • Add to your retirement income?
  • Help your kids with post secondary bills or even pay for a down payment on a house for them?
  • Travel to those exotic places you’ve always read about but could never afford to go to?
  • Support a cause you’re passionate about?

For whatever reason, Baby Boomers are wanting to make extra money and are searching for ways to do it!

I’m the same.  I want to make extra money and am willing to put in the time and effort to do so.  I am not a fan of the “get-rich-quick” schemes and have learned to be very careful.  There is so much on the internet how does one choose?

Wealthy Affiliate

Let me tell you why I’m an active member and why I think you should consider joining:

1. It’s FREE!…which includes…

2. Training:

  • Getting Started Classroom – this will walk you through the beginning steps to getting started learning about and developing your website.
  • Bootcamp Course – train with one of the owners and finish with an active and quality website. This is especially useful if you are considering making some extra money for your retirement.
  • Many other classrooms with videos, tutorials, discussion groups

3. Learn about developing your niche (your blog) and how to find Keywords (phrases people search for in their favorite search engine)

4. Live Chat – 24/7 there are people talking to one another; asking questions and getting answers. Wealthy Affiliate is worldwide so there is always someone on who can help.

5. Free hosting for TWO FREE WEBSITES. This includes an online website builder. Once you decide on the name of your site you can go in and build it…pick a theme…add whatever pages you want…even add pictures!


It honestly doesn’t get any better than Wealthy Affiliate

Free to sign up…2 free websites…and the training and support we are all looking for!


I did what most people would do and started with the free package.  I had some negative experiences before this so I wasn’t being hasty this time around.  I figure “lets do free and see what I’ve gotten myself into first”.  It didn’t take long (about a month) before I realized that this was the real thing.  Wealthy Affiliate was what I had been looking for!

The free starter package allowed me to find out that this place and the people in it are authentic.  The main reason?  The support from the people involved as well as the integrity of the owners.  This is not a place for the spammers…they are quickly removed.  This is a safe place for those who want to learn and build a website, whether for pleasure and/or business.

Are you convinced yet?  I encourage you to check it out, if only to get your free website and do the free training.  You will have your very own website that you have named and written.  It will be yours!  There is no obligation beyond free…really!

I will continue to discuss options to make money online and encourage you to come back regularly to check it out.

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If you have any questions about Baby Boomers blogging, I would love to help.  Just leave your comment below!

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