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Field of Dreams

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I’m sure we’ve all heard “If you build it they will come”.  This is a great line from a great movie, Field of Dreams.  So appropriate for the movie…not so much if you want to learn and build a website!


Remember high school, college, or university?  Why did we go, because we had nothing better to do?  No, but because we had to learn something before we could do something…and earn from it!


Starting your own website is no different…LEARN IT…BUILD IT!


How Do You Learn?

  • Some of us need a book in one hand and a highlighter in the other…still coloring.
  • Some of us watch and learn…maybe we grew up with Sesame Street.
  • Some of us learn by doing…like guys who don’t need instruction books.

So how do you learn to build a website?  I think it’s important to not only know how you learn but also how you can add other ways to learn; learn how to learn.  Here’s why…

Online, book store, or others – when you want to learn about websites and wondering if they are something that you can do, you need to do your research.

  • Online is arguably the best medium to start with…after all, that’s where your website will be.  But you need to bring your caution with your enthusiasm.  The internet is filled with hucksters and charlatans that would gladly “separate a fool from his money”.
  • Bookstores are a great resource to browse titles for ideas and opportunities.  There isn’t as much pressure to buy or “shiny objects” like you will see on the internet.  Plus, who doesn’t like the smell of new book.
  • Talk to others.  Often our family, friends, or co-workers already know something about the internet and even websites, maybe they have their own.  Talk to them.  Get their ideas and input for your website and what you might be able to do with it.  Get them involved early with your site and they will become your biggest fans.


How Do You Build A Website?

1. Just like building a house, you need to start with a foundation.

  • You need to determine who will host your site.  Will you look for a free site or are you willing to pay for a self-hosted site so you can own a .com or a .org or one of the others.  There is value in this because it will help you with your rankings.
  • My personal recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate…get two free websites and with all the free training that you will need.


 2. Next you will need to construct the framework of your house.

  • Your website, especially for beginners, will need to have a framework that allows you to continually add to with quality content (articles/blogs).  You will need to determine what pages your site will have, what images or videos are available to you (people like to be shown…not told).
  • Your framework needs to be pleasing and capture attention immediately.  It’s generally accepted that you have 5 seconds to convince someone that they have found what they are looking for…and it’s your site!
  • This framework needs to include the opportunity for your visitors to interact and respond to what you are posting.  People want to be involved and feel they are a part of something.  Whether Live Chats, hangouts or comments, let people know that they can interact on your site.


3. “Put a lid on it” – you need a roof on your house.

  • Your visitors need to know what is inside your house and that you won’t be going outside of it.  This means that they need to learn to trust what you have written about or are advertising “at home”.  Give them confidence that you won’t be spamming them, selling them “get-rich-quick schemes”, or asking them to “buy, buy, buy”.  Unless your site is intended to be a high-powered selling machine that is used to generate only leads and sign ups, don’t change what you’re doing…folks don’t care much for that.
  • Your visitors need to know that the information, articles and yes, even products, that you have under your roof are informative and will add value to their lives.  They need to learn to “come home” when they have to learn more or need a question answered.
  • You know the expression, “have to put a roof over our heads”.  Use that analogy with your website to provide a safe place for people to come and know that they will be safe from the bright and shiny objects on the internet and the gurus who are out to make a fast buck.


4. Add walls, paint, and decorate your house.

  • Make your website, your house, reflect who you are…be genuine.  You want your visitors to feel welcome and comfortable in your house.  Yes, your website needs to provide the information or product they are looking for but the way that it’s offered or presented should reveal something about you.
  • Take a look at your actual house right now and you will get an idea of who you are and what you like.  You may have received positive comments about a picture or the couch or even your collection of blue glassware.  This is what you need to do with your website.  Be professional, it is a business, but be “homey”, encourage people to relax and make comments.


Learn…Build…Take Action!

I would encourage you to carefully review and follow the first two points:

  • How do you learn
  • How do you build a website

Beach Picture

…and then…JUST DO IT!


Nike created a great slogan and an entire marketing campaign with this.  Why?  Because we can wish and dream and read and talk until the cows come home.  But at some point we just have to jump in with both feet…fearfully and boldly!

Don’t worry about the technical side of websites like HTML, CSS, RSS…that’s like the architect of your house knowing how to graph and calculate all those angles and efficiencies a house needs.  You don’t need to be a computer programmer to build a website.

Find a ready-to-use website host and begin building your website.  Someone else has built the platform for you…all you have to do is learn to build from it.


Leave me your comments and questions below.  I will get back to you.



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