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Keywords for Baby Boomers

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Keywords for Baby BoomersPeople finding your website is not a game of “hide and seek”!

If you are serious about ranking your website in the search engines then you need to be determining good keywords for Baby Boomers, meaning, knowing what they are looking for, whether it’s information or products.

Let me tell you right now that there is a way to determine what good keywords are for your particular niche.  In a few minutes we will review a great keyword search tool that you can try for free.

Here are some things you can do:

1. Select words or phrases that you would use and type those into your favorite search engine.

  • What kind of “hits” are you getting when you search?
  • Are you being taken to web pages that give you the information you were looking for?

Do this with your keywords.  What you are looking for, potential visitors are looking for, too.  Keep this step simple and learn to think like them.


2. People are looking for information or products to buy…make it easy for them.

  • Keywords need to be “natural”
  • Attract them to your site by making their search easy
  • Be specific to the niche your site is about

As referenced in another post, don’t just search for “travel” because your potential visitors are probably searching for something like “travel to Europe” or even more specifically, “travel to Paris”.



3. Search engines match these keyword phrases with the websites that provide the information or the product.

  • They search the millions and millions of websites, often in less than a second
  • They are looking for those sites that will provide the searcher with the information or product.

Test it out for yourself, do a search and see what comes back.  Get specific and use variations of keyword phrases.  You will begin to get a sense of how all this works.  Plus you will become aware how you search and, therefore, how your visitor will search.


There are tools to help!

While there may be many tools available, free or paid for, I want to quickly review one that I use…Jaaxy.

  1. This is a premier keyword search tool…and you can test it out for free!
  2. Get 30 free searches of any keywords.
  3. Discover the number of monthly searches for your keyword
  4. See the number of clicks received based on first page rankings in the search engines
  5. Get information about QSR – Quoted Search Results: # of competing web pages
  6. Know the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your keyword

Try Jaaxy out for free…below…


Be found…learn how to do your keyword research!


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