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Internet Income University Review

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Product: Internet Income Universityinternet income university card

Website: http://www.internetincomeuniversity.com/

Owners: Kevin and Darin Blue

Mission: “Pay It Forward”

Tagline: “Where Education…Meets Opportunity”

Score 4 out of 10 – Read Why

Intent of Product

  • Targeted for home-based entrepreneurs to build an online business using affiliate marketing
  • Income generating system
  • Sell other people’s products and services and earn a commission for every sale
  • Core of the IIU program is the “F.A.S.T. Income Plan”:
    • Fast website setup for you
    • Provides 5 Income Streams
    • Scalable Advertising
    • Training and Support
  • Members purchase a domain and hosting service and IIU will set it up for you within 24 hours


  • Once you purchase your domain and hosting the company will set up your website
  • Step-by-step training videos
  • “Earn While You Learn” training
  • Teaches how to generate residual traffic, leads and sales online
  • Free education
  • Free sales center services
  • Step-by-step Action Plan


  • Forum Discussion that allows members to post, ask questions, and receive responses from other members
  • Online support form with FAQs that can be perused first.  Form appears easy and straight forward
  • Free company support


  • Members can post blogs
  • Claim to assist in generating multiple streams of income
  • Provides assistance with lead generation…experts available to help build your business
  • Claim that you can make large up front commissions with strong residual income
  • Targeted for beginners and above


  • Advocates for an “Automated Sales System to Generate Commissions 24/7/365, completely hands free” –seems simplistic and over-stated
  • Over-simplistic statements:
    •  Choose a product
    • Master a strategy to drive traffic to your site
    • Collect your commission checks
  • When attempting to review their Disclosure Statement the “Page Not Found” error came up.
  • Someone else setting up the website is a concern.  However, this may also be preferred for many new internet marketers.
  • Does provide a lot of content or quality on their landing pages.
  • Wasn’t given enough info to make a decision if I would sign up
  • Victim mentality – stop making excuses.
  • Makes comments about generating leads and following up for you


  • Free account
  • Free website building
  • Need to purchase your own domain name and hosting for $20.00
  • Selling IIU’s Top 5 Affiliate Income Streams (Not required to activate all 5)
    • Affiliate Sign ups –free
    • Secure Online Hosting (One-time, Investment $14.95)
    • Keyword Evolution (One-time $147)
    • Perfect Balance Plan (One-time $297)
    • ViSalus (Body By Vi – $49/month
  • Can upgrade to any of the Fast Start Savings Package
    • Pro – $495
    • Executive – $1,495
    • VIP – $2,995

My Recommendation

Internet Income University appears to be ideal for someone just starting out trying to make money online.  My concern is the levels needed to purchase to truly make the amount of money that they state you can make.  That being said, I am not a member of IIU and therefore have not explored the company from an insider’s perspective.  But I must note that while researching this review, I really had no desire to sign up.  I wasn’t sure for some time what it was I would be selling or what I would have to do to make the money they claimed I could.  Blame it on the landing page if you will, it didn’t sell because I didn’t know what was being sold.

As I dug deeper, and I would think not many would, I did become a little more concerned as I read the different levels that could be purchased.  My suspicions were aroused as it appeared similar to other “get-rich-quick schemes? that kept drawing you in from one level to the next.  I had the sense that once I signed up the pressure-sales would really commence.  Again, this could be incorrect but this has been mine, and I’m sure others’, online experience.

Score 4 out of 10
















While there may be more value to Internet Income University for those on the “inside”, I wasn’t seeing it and was becoming concerned about the lack of control a member might have over their site and the look and design of it.  Very different from Wealthy Affiliate University and I would recommend comparing my WA review with this one.

Let me know if you’ve had a different experience with Internet Income University.




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