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How to Publish an Article in 3 Easy Steps

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Everyone would like to be a published author and see their name on the front cover of a book.  But sometimes you have to start small and one of the best ways is learning how to publish an article, whether that’s online or in hard copy magazines.

I want to show you 3 easy steps that I use when I’m writing.  I currently have about 70 published articles online and have learned a few things that help me as I’m writing.

Here’s a screenshot of the outline for this article.  Please note that at the time of writing this was all I had…I will now “fill in the gaps”.

 Write an Article  in three easy steps


Get a title or subject that you want to share

One of my favorite exercises is to jot down:

  • title ideas
  • or an interesting phrase
  • or the next great invention idea

I typically have a notebook and pen with me all the time so that I don’t lose these gem ideas.  Then when I want to write something I will flip through these to see if anything is screaming to be written.  Because I write for online article directories and for this website, I then turn to Google and begin my research so I know what I’m writing will get read.

Read my post about Free Keyword Searches so you can see how I work through that process.

Read More if You Want to Know More!

As I’m sure you know, headlines are meant to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read more.  That’s why I find it very important to determine what that will be to ensure the reader continues to read.  For example, using phrases like “3 Easy Steps” (like in this article) usually grabs attention because that’s how we want things explained in a logical and easy-to-follow way.


Jot down 3 main points you want to make

As noted in the introduction, planning out your draft is of critical importance!  Without knowing the direction your article is going leads to ramblings and meanderings that are best left to rivers and nomads.

When I started writing articles and posts I would always use an outline I had created.  It included:

  • The introduction
  • 3 main points
  • The climax
  • The conclusion

This helped me stay focused on what the article was about, what needed to be said in the body of the article, and what I wanted the reader to take away (more on that later).  In this way I knew that what I was writing had a meaning, purpose, and direction.

Here’s another great article about writing that I think you should read:


Three writing tips


What one thing do you want your reader to take away?

Finally, at the end of your article, you must keep in mind that you want your reader to leave remembering something important.  You need to deliver:

  • The information they were looking for
  • The product that they need

Without these two things, you won’t be remembered and your article did not deliver.  Especially when writing for the internet, you must provide the information or the product that surfers are looking for and you must do it quickly.  Images or videos are a great way to do this

Which would you remember after you’ve read this article:

“Happy Face”



happy face Article



My one take away for you is:

KISS…”Keep It Simple, Stupid”

Whenever I find myself getting tangled up in my writing and not sure what I’m trying to say I always back off, look at what I’m writing and either:

  • Hit the delete key multiple times
  • Trash it and start right from the beginning
  • Re-look at my 3 main points

Regardless of how wonderful and insightful my writing is, if I think I’ve “gone over the top” and lost my focus I edit by “keeping it simple” and to the point.

If you would like to read some of my articles you can read them on Street Articles here.


My final thought:

Keep it simple in 3 easy steps!


I invite you to join me at Wealthy Affiliate University if you would like to learn more about writing online.

Thanks for reading.

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