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How To Increase Traffic On Your Website

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Hit the Target Market

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We often wonder how to increase the traffic on your website so that more people are reading our blogs and, if applicable, buying the information or products we are selling.  After all, without traffic we may soon give up on our online endeavors.

It’s the same as with your local grocery store…no customers…no business!  Or, no roads…no traffic!

This post is not about buying traffic and I would caution anyone considering this to check for reviews on any products you are thinking of buying.  There is a virtual minefield of potential scams and get-rich-quick schemes that you have to watch out for.  Please do your due diligence and proceed carefully.

Inevitably, the question comes up: How do I get traffic to my site?


Post Frequently

Because the internet is such a vibrant and fast-moving organism, you need to keep your website “alive” by publishing fresh new content on a regular basis.  Whether that means you post daily, every two days, weekly, or bi-weekly, you need to create a schedule for your posts.  This becomes especially important if you have a subscriber list and they are eagerly waiting for your next post.  Don’t disappoint and, if possible, let them know when you are posting so they will be sure to look for your next article.


Post Quality

Many of us have favorite authors or TV shows for a good reason, we have bought into the story and want to see what happens next or what the author has created for us in their next book.  This must be the same for your website.  That being said, don’t offer teasers and then don’t deliver.  You might create a capture page that gets visitors to sign up but when they arrive at your site make sure you are giving them the information they are looking for.

Visitors, ideally regular subscribers, will continue to come back because they want to read the next chapter or to see what tidbit of information you have written about in your newest post.  Take the time to research, outline, write, and re-write before you hit that publish button.  You owe it to your readers.


Post What Your Readers Want

Too often we think up a grand campaign and produce it only to find out that it’s not what people are looking for.  You need to do your keyword research so that you know what the internet surfers are typing into the search engines.

Learn to think like your visitor.  What are they looking for and can you provide them with the information?  Your content must be addressing these needs and providing the answers being sought.  If you aren’t delivering they aren’t staying.  And they won’t come back, regardless how great your next blog or post is.


The Road to Your Website

Once you are doing these things you have started to construct the road that visitors will take to your site.  You need to put up visible and easy to follow sign posts so that searchers will find you.  Help them follow the bread crumbs by posting relevant and needed information.  And get the word out there, whether through your blog or with articles or by joining forums or chats.  But continue to offer quality and information that people are looking for…and do not spam!  That will likely get you booted out.

Generate interest and discussions so that your site becomes a powerhouse within your niche.  When you start doing these things then you will find that your website becomes “visible” online and by word of mouth, referrals, and linking, you soon are getting the traffic that your site deserves.

Thanks for reading.


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