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How to Blog Using Mind Mapping

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Do you like to think in pictures or an outline?Mind Mapping WA Article

Do you want to learn how to “free flow” your ideas?

In this article I’m going to talk about how to blog using Mind Mapping techniques so that you can use it to visually map out and get creative with your ideas.  This is a great method for jotting down your ideas as they come and using these ideas to find more ideas.  The great thing is that each could then potentially be an article on its own.


So let’s learn to map before we drive!

What is Mind Mapping?

I like to think of mind mapping as “expanding circles”; meaning:

  • Start with the core idea that you are going to build around
  • Come up with sub-categories, or sub-branches, related to that core idea
  • Continue to expand with “sub sub-categories”
  • Continue to branch out with any of these any direction that they take you

This is a “free flow” way of planning your article by just letting the ideas come to you as you think of them.  The intent is to not write the article yet but simply to come up with ideas.  Then, when it is time to write, you can use your mind map core idea with the sub-categories as posts or each sub-category may become an article on its own, either:

  • Directly on your website
  • Or posted on an article directory
    • NOTE: these articles must be a new and fresh article that, while related, is not copied from your website article…you don’t want to get penalized for duplicate content!

Use Free Software or Draw by Hand

I have noted a few free sites that I like later on in this article.  You are welcome to try them out or find others that you may prefer; there are a number of them (please note that I am not related to these nor do I make commissions from them).

Some of you may still like to draw these out by hand because it’s easier and you may find the ideas flow a little more freely.  Don’t lose these, though, as they are great tools that serve as “memory-joggers” for later.

My Example for this Article

Come up with a key idea that you want to write about; this helps in two ways:

  1. Gives you the outline for your article
  1. Gives you other great ideas for more articles, especially if you’re developing a campaign

Here’s a mind map that I put together when I was thinking about Baby Boomers wanting to learn to blog:


Mind Mapping  from Bubble.us

From bubbl.us


As you can see, I started out with my main idea of Baby Boomers learning to learning to blog.  Doing this mind map caused me to step back and ask some questions about:

  • What are they interested in?
  • What do they want to know?
  • What do they search for online?

I then drilled this down further under the heading, “What do Baby Boomers search for online”.  Based on my own experience and internet browsing I came up with a couple of ideas.  From these I can continue to drill deeper and become more focused and specific in my searching.

Here’s Another Example

This is a mind map I did for another website I have:


Mind Map from Mind 42

From Mind42


As you can see, I’ve spent a little more time developing this and have drilled down a bit deeper and could do so even more.  I’ve found it to be very effective to ask questions in my sub-categories which then remind me that I need to flesh them out some more before I can write that article.

What I like is that even when reviewing the above mind map for this article I’m getting ideas for other articles for that site.  The inspiration keeps building and flowing, which will give you tons of ideas for your own site once you learn to rely on mind mapping.

Keyword Research Can Be Like Mind Mapping

When you are looking for the next best keyword you are actually mind mapping.  You want to know what is being searched and what the competition is…basically…expanding your research from your main idea.

This is especially significant if you find a keyword that gets searched a lot and that would be great to use on your site.  How do you use that highly trafficked word in a different way that wouldn’t have the high competition that would prevent you from being ranked in the search engines?

This is where your keyword research…mind mapping…would come in.  Here’s a great video to show you what I mean when you are looking for keywords:


Alphabet Soup Technique to find Keywords

This method is free and very easy to use.


My Favorite Mind Mapping Tools

Besides using pen and paper, I do have a couple of free online tools that I like to use.  They are:

Bubblus: https://bubbl.us/

Mind42: http://mind42.com

I hope this has helped you come up with ways to brainstorm your next article idea.  Mind mapping is such an excellent way to just let your ideas flow without regard for writing…yet!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, more ideas, or even other online software that you like to mind map with.
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Thanks for reading.


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