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How To Blog And Get Paid

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Many want to know how to blog and get paid…I have two things to say: Write and sell on your blog

Write meaningful articles…Regularly

Offer products or information…Related to your site!


If you learn nothing else…learn these two things…and you will succeed online!  Read more to see how I’m doing it.


Meaningful Writing Comes First

Some misconstrue this as “great writing” but I don’t mean the next best seller or something Shakespeare would put out.  I mean: well researched and thought out articles written in your unique way.  It must be meaningful to your visitor…and to you.

Far too often those who own websites bemoan their lack of writing skills when it comes to putting articles or blogs on their sites.  But yet they write:

  • Promo ads,
  • Letters to families,
  • Essays for school or work
  • In chat rooms or post comments on websites

These are transferable skills to your website and you need to be taking advantage of them!  One of the best exercises, even for professional writers, is to just start writing…edit later.  Whether you use pen and paper or a keyboard, you need to sit down and just start writing.


What do I blog about?Here’s an exercise I like to do:

Decide on my topic

Come up with 3 points I must make

…and start writing

I will know my introduction and usually my conclusion as well so I know where I’m starting from and where I need to finish.


Your Writing Must Be Related To Your Website’s Purpose

You must stay focused on what the purpose of your website is and your posts need to reflect that.  What your goal should be is to have people talking about your site and saying, “I read about it on (such and such) website”.  It must all be connected in order for you to succeed online.

The two main themes of Baby Boomers Learn to Blog are:

  1. To teach Baby Boomers, or anyone else for that matter, how to own their own website and blog
  1. How to monetize their website so they can make a part-time or full-time income

Therefore, all of the posts you see here should be related to those two themes in some way.  That should include the pictures, videos, and even the links.  All must be linked together to make the whole work effectively.


Selling Comes Next

Once you have determined your website’s purpose and begin to write out your posts, you can begin linking products or information to sell.  The articles, and you must select keyword-rich subjects, are what will rank you in the search engines and what will drive traffic to your website.

  • This is referred to as “organic traffic” meaning the keywords you are using are search terms people use.
  • You can do paid advertising if you wish but you need to ensure you know the ins and outs of this.  Here is a great article on it.

Pay Per Click WA Article



If your goal is to make money from your website, from your blog, then you must realize that it is only through writing meaningful content that people will visit…and, hopefully, come back.

Whether its products or information you must provide what your visitor is looking for…and usually let them know within 5 seconds that they have found what they’re looking for.  This is very important to remember and should always be on your mind as you both write and sell products.


Your Products Must Be Related To Your Website’s PurposeNiche and product must be related

Whether you have something you’ve created that you are selling, information, or affiliate products, they must be related to your website’s purpose.  There must be a natural link between the two because your goal is to bring visitors to your site and have them buy.

Visitors don’t buy vacations when they are searching for automotive tools!

Do not oversell, meaning, do not put banners and links all over your site in the hopes that “something will sell”.  You must stay focused on those products that are related to your niche.  This, again, is something you must remember as you write your posts.

Your rule of thumb is:

  • What meaningful post can I write about this product?
  • What gives my visitors the information they are looking for and the product they need to buy?


If you remember these things then you will be successful if you are wanting to blog and get paid!


Write meaningfully…6 Ways to Make Money WA Article

Sell related products…


Thanks for reading.


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