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Are you looking for a great way to find outstanding keywords?Keyword Research

Do you want to have access to free keyword searches?

How do you do it and where do you look?

What is a keyword and what can the best keyword search tool do for you?


A keyword is whatever you type into a search engine, regardless of length.  For example, if I wanted to find the best travel destinations in England, that is exactly what I would type.  I would then be taken to the top sites and would select, usually from the first page.

So here’s how I search for keywords:

I like to start with Google and just start typing my queries and get the creative juices fired up.  In this case, I’m looking for “Free Keyword Searches”.  This will help me find sites that allow me to look for the keywords that people are searching but that have low competition.  More on that later.

Here’s what my search looks like:

Google Screenshot Keyword Search


When I first entered “Keyword searches”, I played around until it occurred to me to add the word “free”.  After all, free is always better, right?

Google Screenshot Free Keyword Search


So I took this Google result and plugged it into the current research tool that I use, Jaaxy, and here’s what I got:


Jaaxy Screenshot of Keyword Research


Let me explain what you’re looking at:

Monthly Searches

This is the number of searches being performed on that exact keyword in a month.  Of course, the more searches the better (continue reading because the other columns will help you understand this better).  But this is definitely something you need to be aware of so you know if people are even searching for your awesome keywords.

Estimated Traffic

This shows you the number of estimated clicks on your keyword and it will be based on first page rankings.  Again, the higher the estimated traffic the better your keyword (keep reading).

Quoted Search Results (QSR)

This now gets really interesting!  Now you will start to see how many competing pages there are for your exact keyword.  If you are shooting for 1st place ranking with Google or any other search engine, you want this number to be as low as possible, ideally under 400.  Don’t go for anything higher or you are going up against the big companies and you just won’t make it to the first page.

As you can see, my exact keyword has a competition of “0”…this means that I stand a very good chance of making it to the first page on Google.  I will be watching this very carefully once I’ve posted this article to see if I can make it to page one.  There’s some excitement in doing this and I invite you to check it out for yourself…see if I made it to page one!

Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI)

This column gives you a quick visual as to whether or not your exact keyword is recommended or not.Traffic Lights green is a good keyword

  • Green means “great”
  • Orange is “OK”
  • Red means “Poor”…don’t use it!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Power

Why not have all the power you can harness when you are doing your keyword research and then writing your next great post!  This column is a combination of the others: estimated traffic, QSR, and competition.  This is based on a scale of 1 to 100 and the higher the better.  So again, you can see that my exact keyword is at 91 so I expect it to rank very well.

Domain Availability

Sometimes when you see a great word you might think, “What a great website name that would be.  I wonder if it’s available.”  Look no further because this column will tell you that!  Keep in mind that .com domains are always the best but this will show you .org and .net as well.  There are others if you would like but they’re typically not as effective.

This information is all provided courtesy of Jaaxy!

There are other search tools but this is the one I use and since I started using it and finding great keywords my post…my website…are starting to rank higher with “natural traffic”.

Are there others?  Sure, but Jaaxy delivers and gives me the information I want…fast!

You can try it out FREE if you would like:





Got My Keyword…Now What?

Once you’ve found your keyword, and remember that it needs to sound natural, you are now ready to write your post.  And you will know that it is for a keyword that is being searched.

When I mentioned “natural keywords”, you need to ensure that it makes sense.  For instance:

  • “Keyword search free” doesn’t really make sense; it doesn’t flow…but…
  • “Free Keyword Searches” does and it is not only something that makes sense and will be easy to remember but it will also make sense to the search engines…believe it or not!


So if you own a website or want to start one…

If your intent is to get ranked…on page one…

You need to have a way to:Jaaxy Banner

  • Know what people are searching fo
  • Know how much traffic is coming in
  • Know what your competition is
  • And know if you have a green light


You need to have a keyword tool…and FREE is always best!


Got any comments or questions?  Leave them below…I will get back to you!


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