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Empower Network Review

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Product: Empower Network

Website: empowernetwork.comEmpower Network Review

Score: 2 out of 10 – Read Why

I am speaking from personal experience about this company – I was with them for four months.  Compare this to where I am now (see below) – 18 months!  Read through this post and then take a look at the Comparison Table below and it will become very evident why there’s a difference.


Vision: “…to help hundreds of thousands of network marketers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs have massive breakthroughs and create a permanent change in their quality of life and financial situation”

Empower Network offers a “viral blogging system” that is based on creating blogs daily and receiving 100% commissions from anyone signing up under you.  This is an online blogging business to make money.

Products and Cost:

  1. The Empower Network Blogging System – $25.00 per month
    • A Pre-formatted blog linked to the social networks
    • Ability to customize certain features
    • Learn how to leverage your blog to make money
    • NOTE: there is also a $19.95 per month administrative fee
  2. The Inner Circle Mastermind Membership – $100.00 per month
    • Includes further audio training from “industry Phenom’s”
  3. The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – one-time of $500.00
    • Two days’ worth of video recordings “money getting training and masterminding”
    • An 11 hour video series filmed at a private retreat in Costa Rica
  4. $15K Formula – $1,000.00
    • 10 video modules showing advanced marketing training, including “what works now” and list building
  5. Costa Rica Masters – $3500.00
    • A formula of “what to do in your first 30 days online to get $10,000.00 per month”
    • Provides “live HD recordings”

NOTE: The last two products require members to sign a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” so the information is not shared.

Total Cost if all products are purchased: $5,144.95


  • Offers weekly audio and some video training which members have resell rights to.
  • Offers a “commission loophole” that will allow deposits into their members’ bank accounts
  • Additional training is provided by many in the company, both on their individual websites and on You Tube.
  • Provides training for blogging, marketing, content, and using sales funnels
  • How to create videos
  • How to drive traffic to your site
  • How to increase conversions
  • List building


Generally responds quickly and acts on complaints in a timely manner.


  1. Offers a blogging platform
  2. Offers audio and some video
  3. Everything is on “auto-pilot”, members only need to blog daily
  4. Upgrades are intended to provide more “advanced marketing training and leadership principals”
  5. Pays for the sale of their blogging system and proprietary training products
  6. Is very straightforward regarding those who are serious about making money and will use strong and descriptive language that is appealing to many


1. Claims seem over-simplified:

  • Create an account
  • Select Your Product
  • Start Blogging
  •  Money “pours” in

2. Misleading statements:

  • “No rules, except get paid now – right now – and except nothing less than 100% commissions”.
  • There are “rules” of online advertising which, should they not be followed, could have repercussions such as being “Google-spanked”; meaning, at least one of the search engines have suspended your account or prevents you from getting ranked.
  • To ignore the “no spamming rule” will also get you blocked.
  • There is the perception of immediate money being deposited in you your bank accounts 24/7 which, in the legitimate business world, is not accurate.
  • You will receive 100% commissions if/when you sell Empower Network’s blogging system and various marketing products.
  • States how members can get more traffic using “our sneaky syndication formula”
  • States that members can be using their “sneaky yet effective email tactics”
  • Should the Non-Disclosure Agreement be breached, members are advised that “you will end up in a world of legal issues”

3. The products:

  • New members must start with the initial program and everyone pays the monthly administrative fee
  • Members are advised to also purchase an auto responder for an additional cost
  • Members are advised to purchase ad campaigns for an additional cost

4. Blog is pre-formatted so there is limited ability to customize to your taste.

5. Claims appear over-exaggerate

  • Money deposited into accounts daily, hourly…even by the minute
  • State that they “look out for the little guy” but continue to state that the “little guy” needs to upgrade to the next product to make the “really big money”
  • Those not “getting all in” (see product price above) or those not in agreement with Empower Network’s products and marketing are referred to as “wussies” and “whiners” (and other assorted words that cannot be repeated on a “g-rated” site such as this one)
  • Limited information is available about each product and the training that is available. 

My Recommendation

Based on the comparison of the pros and cons noted above, I cannot recommend becoming a member of the Empower Network.

  • The cost keeps increasing with each upgrade
  • Members (usually those with little money) are ridiculed and cajoled if they are not “all in”; meaning, they are not fully committed and will not be successful if they don’t purchase all products.
  • Total price to get “all in” = $5,144.95, ($144.95 is an ongoing, monthly payment).  This does not include any other costs such as auto responders, buying lists (if you choose to), or any other expenses.  NOTE: These last three points are not required.
  • New member support is subject to the interest of their enroller.  Some new members are left floundering if their enroller does not have an active website to provided additional training and support.
  • Limited videos and mentoring are available from Empower Network for those new members who can only afford the first or second level of product purchase.
  • This has all the appearance of a “get-rich-quick-scheme”.  Those at the top make a lot of money from those at the bottom.  That being said and based on their claims, those at the top are making the majority of their money from running their business at a higher level.
  • Those at the top that succeed also appear to have their own email lists that they continually work from.  These are often generated via separate websites they own.
  • To Empower Network’s credit, with the initial purchase, new members are introduced to blogging and are provided with a website to develop their blog.  Their site includes Empower Network’s ads and landing pages, meaning the new member does not have to develop these for themselves.


Author’s Note: I found that as I was doing this review the score kept dropping as I analyzed the pros and cons of Empower Network.  It doesn’t appear to be a good fit for Baby Boomers as it seems to claim a lot that it actually cannot deliver for the “average” person.  I’m sure this would be disputed by the owners.

My review and recommendations are in such contrast to my Wealthy Affiliate Review and I would encourage each of you to read that and decide for yourselves.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and I encourage you to leave a comment below.


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  1. Another very pissed Empower Network customer here! You review is accurate, in fact far too generous because if I were to give the Empower Network a ranking, it would be ZERO out of 10. This program is full of itself, there is not even a product to promote other than empower, and the blog that you pay for isn’t even yours, they own it, they own the traffic and hard work if you stop paying.

    Not only that, the $25 per month is just the start. The team over at empower make you feel like a complete worthless piece of garbage if you don’t go “all in”, which means buying all of their products. When all is said and done, I could have invested $1,000’s in this program only to make the people above me nothing.

    If you read this and you are thinking of joining Empower, DO NOT. You are going to thank me later.

    Sorry for my rant!! Just pissed off with being scammed so many times over the years and it is no different at Empower, in fact they were some of the most cowardly scam artist I have been exposed to yet.

    So again my review for Empower: 0 out of 10

  2. A hell of a review there Rick! I’m due to put one out myself with a different twist. We need a lot of these reviews that expose the scheme that it is. Heck, it even gives the worst MLM companies a bad name! This one’s the bottom of the barrel and 50,000 people don’t know it yet until it runs dry.

    • Thanks, Daniel. I agree, the more reviews the better because too often all that people see are the reviews that are written by those promoting the company. There needs to be a balance so people can do their due diligence and make informed decisions.

  3. The more people who write reviews about how BS the Empower Network is, the better.

    Good stuff. Glad to see another person telling the truth. Don’t be a wussy!

    • Totally agree. I get annoyed when I see how folks are fooled into this scam. Broken promises and empty wallets. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Rick I think you’re being too nice to these guys. I personally ranked Empower Network as low as they could possibly get ranked. An organization that is basically a pyramid scheme which teaches you to promote the same pyramid to others and “legitimately” make money in the process is a farce. I’m glad you didn’t get suckered into their scam.

  5. Daniel Euergetes says:

    Accidentally happened upon this site. I too, am from WA. Wonderful review about Empower Network! I actually got ahold of some of the training, some of it older, but nonetheless, not anything I’d pay the big bucks for.

    I have my own reviews on EN, and you’re spot on with this review!


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