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I’m very excited to be writing this post!  You will see a lot of valuable information on this site and I encourage you to explore the different topics and reviews.  But let’s talk about those creative juices that are just burbling to pour out of you.

A quick reminder if you need help with your niche is this info graphic or you can read my article “Niche Keywords: 4 Research Tips“.


Choosing a Niche


Let’s get to it:

What does creativity truly mean?  I like this reference from Wikipedia:

Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby something new is created which has some kind of subjective value such as a joke, a literary work, a painting or musical composition, a solution, an invention


Phenomenon…that’s what your website will become and that’s what you will be creating.  I want to review some of the more prevalent topics (no particular order) that I hope will get your own creativity going.



Surf through some of these sights on the internet and you will be amazed with the multitude and the quality of the pictures out there.  As an example, Pinterest is a great place to scroll through pictures from around the globe.  Should you have a photography site just think how beneficial it would be to share your pictures and link back to your site.

Whether you enjoy taking pictures of sunsets, birds, mountains…anything, there is the opportunity to share these with an online blog.  It would be a great way to enter contests which could bring you additional visitors who want to see what other pictures you have.



There are many categories here such as woodwork, sewing, quilting, knitting, and gardening…the list goes on and on.  If you have a knack for any of these and want to share your tips and recommendations, why not blog about them and let others know of your passion.  These also lend themselves extremely well to posting pictures of the finished product.

It’s interesting how surprised someone might be to learn that the hobby they have been doing all of their lives could be of interest to someone else.  But there’s no question that what you find interesting others will, too.



I’m sure there are many places around the world that we would love to explore.  If you already enjoy traveling or if you plan to start, blog your adventures and, again, share your pictures.  Show your visitors what you have discovered, what you think, and places you recommend.

Another potential with a travel blog is that you could get paid to write about your travels and many of your expenses would be business expenses that you could claim back.



Regardless of our age and experience, we all have things that we are for or against.  We rally to specific causes because we think there is an injustice, we want to bring awareness of it, or it’s just so darn cute that we have to broadcast it to the world (this is usually puppies, kittens, baby seals, etc.).


  • A blog about your specific cause is easily something that you can promote with other like-minded people.
  • It gives you the ability to include online petitions, share pictures, and even target your local politician and government.


Another significant benefit to creative niche blogging is that it will be something that you are passionate about.  You will be tapping into something that you have done all your life and, typically, know a lot about.


Got more ideas?  Please leave them in the comment section below and share them with other “creators”!  Thanks for reading.



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