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WA Book on TipsFor many Baby Boomers we wonder if we have enough “material” to create a personal blog, to actually create our own website.  It’s often thought that we have to be a web master or designer to venture onto the internet road.


Nothing could be further from the truth!


We also ask, “Will people want to read what I write?  Why?”  Because we have a story to tell about who we are and what we have experienced.


We are real people with real stories to tell!


If you want to create a website that is about you, let’s start with some basic things that you need to do:


1. Create a profile page on your website: people want to know who you are, what you like to do, and why you are writing about the topic that you are.  This gives your site that personal touch and lets your visitor know that you are a real person and are not attempting to spam them.

Included with your profile, your “About Me” page, should be a picture of you.  Whether this is a studio photograph or you doing something active or actually doing what you are blogging about, people want to see that you’re a real person that they can relate to.


2. Vision and Purpose: know what the purpose of your website is, this will help keep you focused as you do your research or structure your site.  Know what you want to deliver to your visitor and stay true to this vision and purpose.


3. Plan the work and work the plan: even as you commence building your website, you will need to spend some time to outline your topics so you know where you want your site to go.  Consider it like building blocks – one article or post should lead to the next and to the next one after that.

There will be times when you deviate from your plan which would not be unexpected.  Whether it’s because you had to expand on a topic, became aware of some new information, or realized that you had missed a step or something was missing and you need to add it later.  You may have to let your readers know that you needed to back up a step and give them some other information.  They will appreciate not only your honesty but also the other information that you thought it important they know.


4. Tell your story – share your passion: this is your website and you have built your framework for it for a reason.  Now you need to fill the pages and blog of those things that drove you to do create this.  Whether your story is about:

  • recreating your family history
  • showing people how to do something
  • career tips
  • monetizing your website

You want to ensure that your readers see your story and that you are passionate about it!  It is this personal and passionate “feel” that will bring them back to read your next post or, even better, get them to subscribe to your website so they automatically receive it in their Inbox.


5. Get reviews of your site: whether you are more comfortable with family, with friends, or with an online community that you are a part of, get feedback on your website.  Ask what others like, what stands out to them, would they return and read the newest blog post?


Don’t be embarrassed or self-conscious about doing this.  And ask for honest opinions, letting them know that you can take constructive feedback.  Most people, even our families would be quite willing to help and, in fact, pleased that you thought to ask them.

Whatever your actual niche is in your personal blog, let your visitor know that:

  • You have something to say…
  • The information (or product) they are looking for is here…
  • You are someone who can be trusted to deliver

Create your personal blog by being personal…be you!  Start today!



  1. Very good information, Rick. Makes me realize I need to get off my duff and employ these strategies with my own neglected blog. Thanks!

    • It’s easy to sit and think of all the things one could do. One thing I did was move from my comfy leather chair to the dining room table. Feels more like a home office and I seem to pay attention better. Thanks for reading.

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