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Choosing a Website Name

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How will you choose your website name?  This is oftentimes one of the most difficult tasks for someone wanting to create their own online presence…especially if you want to make money with your website.

Do your niche homework!

…before you choose your website name!

Watch this video on How to Find a Profitable Niche

 How to Find a Profitable Niche


Before you can give your website a name you need to know what your website will be about; specifically, what is your niche?  What is “your corner in the world market”.  This must be very specific and targeted.

For example, you don’t want your niche to be “cars” because there are already thousands if not millions of car websites.  Plus, you will be up against the big motor companies and I suspect they have a few more dollars to spend on advertising than you do.

What you want to do is to find a focused niche that is overlooked or considered “too small” by some of the larger websites.

  • So your car niche can be one about “hybrid cars”…but…
  • that would still be too broad so perhaps your niche can be about “how to care for your hybrid car”.

While this may still be somewhat broad, remember, you are still doing your homework, I think you are beginning to see the importance of finding a targeted niche market.

It’s best if you have a great keyword research tool that you can use, not only to help you figure out what your website will be named but also to know that there will be lots of content to write about.


Here’s my top 6 ideas to help you choose the name of your website:


#1 Make your website an interest…a passion

You will be creating many pages and posts within your site so you need to make sure that you are able to create meaningful articles with the information people are looking for.  But if you’re not interested in it then you may not post as regularly as you need to.  And then they won’t be interested in it either.


#2 Give information…solve a problemCreative niche blogging

Internet surfers are typically searching for very specific information and products.  With the ability to type in exactly what they’re looking for, the search queries they are entering are very targeted and specific.  You need to:

  • Pick a website name that is related to these searches
  • Provide the information and products that are being searched for
  • Do all of this within about 5 seconds!


#3 Make your website name easy to remember

The name should be something that could be commented about during coffee break and then remembered when someone gets home.  I.e. “I need to find out how to care for my hybrid car”.  When that keyword is typed into a search engine, you want your website to show up on the first page.


#4 Your website theme should be in the name

Once you have done your niche research and know what you will be promoting on your site, you want to select a name that evokes images of your niche.  There are still millions of internet surfers typing in broad keywords because they’re not always sure what they’re asking.  So they won’t always type in your keyword for one of your posts but, again let’s use the car analogy, if they type in hybrid cars you want your website to be found.

Make both the website name and the theme easy to remember so that not only will you be found the first time but you will be found time and time again because your visitors remember what they’re looking for (no, not everyone bookmarks their favorite sites).


Introduce yourself on your website#5 When naming your site, name your visitor

You need to understand who your audience is, what they are looking for, and how they will look for it.  You have to figure out how to crawl inside their head and guess how they are going to search so you can then lead them to your website.

Always write your posts with your visitor in mind…don’t try to impress a search engine or a publishing house.  Write conversationally to those you are trying to reach.  And your website name needs to have that same comfort and familiarity for those searching.  The name of your website needs to make sense to your visitors and to the search engines.


#6 Using trademark names is a “no-no”

These are usually copy written and must not be used when naming your site.  You will not gain any extra search engine page rankings if you try to do this because they know what you’re doing (kind of a big brother thing but online).  Even those who are affiliate marketers of these companies should not be using the company name in their own website name.


Still wondering how to choose your niche and your name?  This might help:



Be creative and have fun when naming your website…

But remember…this is your business and you want your visitors to know they have come to the right place.


Thanks for reading.


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  1. Excellent information here Rick. I think one thing that many people get stuck on is trying to fit a “keyword” into their website name and to do so at all costs. This only ends up causing issues and the domain name comes across very awkward.

    I personally look for domains that are brandable (KylesTennisHelp.com) versus something that is more keyword rich (FindaTennisInstructor.com) if I am creating a long term authority site business. If I am creating a site with the intention of getting the domain ranked and using it more or less as a mini site, then I choose a keyword rich…or Exact Match Domain.

    Excellent stuff here, any that reads this post is going to be domain informed!

    • Thanks Kyle. Appreciate you taking a look. By the way, my next post was my first use of Jaaxy Enterprise and it was kind of cool how I found the keyword. Organizing the columns really helped me zoom in on this keyword. I liked it and had to write about it.

  2. Excellent overview of the process one must go through to find a worthwhile niche to target and how to go about structuring a website around that chosen niche.

    • Thanks. It’s really important to find a niche that you can stay with for a while and, even more importantly, that you are passionate about.

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