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Best Way To Make Money Online

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Making money online

Is Making Money Online Even Possible?

Here you go again…wondering…

What is the best way to make money online?

How many search queries have you entered?

How many “opportunities” have you checked out?

How frustrated are you?


Let me tell you my story…



Enthusiastic Believer

I began my online journey truly believing that I could make money and, I will admit, make it fairly quickly.  Oh sure, I was prepared to give it some time…about a month!

strike 1And then I expected to quit my day job and sit back earning my commissions and residual income for the rest of my life.



Cautious Inquirer

After my first mad dash at making my online fortune, I realized I needed to become more deliberate in my searches and check these “opportunities” and “gurus” out a little more.  That’s when I began to see the hype for what it was.

strike 2And with some of these sites I couldn’t even figure out what they were selling…and I wanted to know what it was that I would be selling.



Determined Investor

Then I decided…the heck with it…others were making money online and I was going to as well.  So I threw some money at a few of these and actually committed to working on my business.  I was in it for the long haul…I thought.

strike 3And then I realized that the training was nonexistent or, if it was available, would cost me some more money.



OK…ENOUGH!!!  I felt ready to chuck it all in and actually tried…for a while.  And then I realized something and I hope that you have realized it, too…

A fire had been lit and I really wanted an online business!

When I first commenced my online journey I didn’t realize how passionate I would get about it and how much I would actually learn to want my own website and, eventually, make money.


Now my search took off in a different direction.  Now I was looking for:

  • A community – of genuine people who wanted all of us to succeed
  • Training – preferably free to start
  • Support – for the hundreds of questions and jump starts I would have
  • Help me learn the best way to make money online
  • Possibly even give me a free website

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter MembershipI eventually found Wealthy Affiliate after I read a review about the company I was currently with.  It turns out that the company I was with did not rate too high with the legitimate online companies and reviewers   Needless to say, this was the final impetus to make me beat a hasty retreat and cancel my subscription.

But did this review website offer any recommendations?  They did and Work From Home Watchdog had a great listing of opportunities and scams…and I did my homework which brought me to Wealthy Affiliate.




So that’s my story about how I came to be where I am online.


But, you ask, “what is the best way to make money online?…I’m still waiting!”

The answer is looking at you in the mirror…it’s you:

  1. It’s your values, your beliefs, your skills that will allow you to make money
  2. It’s your willingness to take the time to learn before you earn
  3. It’s your willingness to search like I did for an online community that would train you and support you
  4. It’s your time that you must commit to
    • Create a great website that reflects you
    • Write valuable posts with the information people are looking for

It’s about you investing in you…and nothing is more important!

Don’t sell yourself short…because you will end up selling your shirt if you buy into the hype.


Success to make money online

Try Wealthy Affiliate FREE

…the best way to online success?

…to making money?


Stay true to yourself!

Learn with the best!

Market what you value!


Thanks for reading.


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  1. Great post Rick. I too am a baby boomer and basically trying to make a consistent income online. WA has helped along the way but I’ve still got a ways to go.


    • Thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it. You have a great looking site and I trust things are going well for you.

      • Thanks again Rick. Things are going well but could be better. If there is anything that I can do to help you please let me know. Maybe you could help me? This is what it’s all about.


        • Fully agree. I like the free download you have. I’m looking at doing that sometime in the future but I haven’t wrapped my head around what it will be yet because I want to offer quality, even thought it’s free.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how to make money online.

    • You’re welcome. It’s difficult sometimes to lose focus and fall for many of the online scams. But a brick and mortar business doesn’t expect riches overnight. Through patience and perseverance they carry on and build up a successful business, just like we should do online.

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