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Baby Boomers Writing Tips

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Baby Boomer Writing Tips

3 Writing Tips You Would be Foolish Not to Follow

Everyone thinks that they need to be a polished author to write online but this is truly not the case.  Read these Baby Boomer writing tips and you will realize that with a little planning and organization you can publish interesting and quality content that people will read.

Writers want to write

Readers want to read!


Research Your Topic

In order to have an “authority website”, meaning something that you know a lot about, you need to ensure that you understand and can write about your topic.  This means doing your research, just like in high school or college.  Take the time to read relevant articles, books, magazines…anything that is relevant to your niche and to the subject matter of your niche.

The internet is such a valuable tool to today’s writer and is something that should be searched and even referenced in your post.  But do not copy and paste whole articles or even sections.  Sometimes it’s easier to include the link if you want to ensure your visitors need that additional information after reading your post.



Grab their attention…tell your visitor that STOP, HERE IS THE INFORMATION YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.!  You have about 3 seconds to grab their attention and let them know that your post will give them the information or has the product that they have been searching for.



In one or two sentences you now have to convince your reader that the body of the article is worth their time to read.  Because we are such a fast-moving society and like our information in small bites you have to give your reader exactly what they want within these first few words.

Convince your visitor to keep reading…


The Body

This is where the bulk of your information and/or promotion will be.  By now you should have convinced your visitor that it is worth their time to read the entire article because it has the information that they cannot do without.

But, because this will also contain a lot of information you need to

  • …break it up
  • …make it interesting
  • …make it easy to scan the high points
  • …persuade your visitor to stay longer
  • …and buy…if you are selling

Experts all agree that writing large blocks of information is an almost sure way of sending your reader elsewhere.  If you need to understand this further, scan the flyers and coupons that come in your mailbox or newspaper.  They, too, know that they have very little time to persuade you to read…let alone buy.  It’s intended to grab your attention…not make you feel like you’re reading a short story.



Adding pictures to your blogSay It With Pictures!

If a picture is worth a thousand words then include 2 or 3 and increase your word count by a few thousand words within seconds.  Make sure the picture

  • …is interesting
  • …tells the story
  • …is properly credited or paid for
  • …leaves an image in their mind even after they have left your site



Wrap it all up and challenge your visitor to

  • …read more
  • …follow you
  • …buy

This is your call to action and you must convince them to ACT NOW!


Final Points

Please spell check your article.  Whether you use software to do this, make sure it is turned on, or like to do this yourself, make sure “everyting is spelt wright”…or your credibility is gone.

Proof read your article carefully or, if you’re not confident in your writing, have someone proof read it for you to ensure it is

  • Accurate
  • Flows naturally
  • Is formatted correctly


These are the “nuts and bolts”, the highlights, of writing good posts on your website.  If you follow these tips then you can write with confidence and know that your work will be read.  Take the time to learn the basics and your website will be the authority site you know it can be.

Now go write your next post and use this guide as your checklist…and then…hit the publish button!

Thanks for reading.


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