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Baby Boomers Write Their Own Story Online

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After living for some 50 plus years, Baby Boomers are writing their own story online and even on their own websites.  There are many lessons we can all learn and many that the Boomers still have to learn.

But make no mistake about it…Baby Boomers have:

  • The insights
  • The experience
  • The compassion

…and now the internet

…and are using it to get their story out

And why is this important?


The changes that Baby Boomers have seen are incredible and nothing short of “world-changing”.  Whether it was wars, recessions, hippies, or Elvis, there have been significant events that are truly worthy of being published by Boomers on any number of websites.

Given that telling our histories verbally is going the way of the dodo bird the internet has become a way that these rich histories can be documented and preserved.  These are through the eyes of the people who lived the many changes and had to continually learn new skills and keep up to date on rapidly developing technology in order to keep up to the changes, both at work and at home.



Baby Boomers have seen many changes and not all of them have been positive on both our planet and the people and animals that live on it.  With some 70,000,000 Baby Boomers in the United States alone, this generation has the ability to effect the change they believe needs to occur.

More and more websites, chats, forums, and social network groups are contributing to the advancement of a better world and a better way of taking care of that world.  Remember, you’re talking about folks that were part of the hippie movement and stood for “peace and happiness”.

Baby Boomers are not afraid of “Going public” and will take their battles to whatever arena they need to so that their story, their cause, will be noticed, debated, and changed.


Published Authors

Having watched the rise and fall of many book publishers and seen the publication of millions of books over their life span, Boomers have often wished to join that elite group of published authors…maybe even the bestselling authors.  But for whatever reason, usually the whim of the publishing house, many aspiring writers were turned away or need to go through the hoops of having agents or a first published work…which kind of defeats the purpose of getting published.

But now, having their own website and being able to post at will, Baby Boomers are finding that being published is now only a key stroke away.  And they are putting out quality material that is being read and followed.  They are also finding that they can read and follow one another and contribute comments and guest posts that allow the discussion to continue and new ideas and blogs to be generated and read.

Having the ability to blog their life stories, Baby Boomers are signing up for website hosts, whether free or paid, in huge droves with the goal of making their voice heard and their wishes followed.  After all, they grew up with the mantra, “Do what you’re told” and they are now using their publishing prowess to write about their news and views so that those who “hold the power” pay attention to this large and influential group of citizens.

Type in the phrase “Baby Boomers” into your favorite search engine and see how many hits you get.  Mine was 43,000,000, not a number to be ignored or overlooked.


Baby Boomers are writing their stories and others are paying attention.


Write your story today and join the new “Woodstock Festival” online movement.


Thanks for reading.


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