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Baby Boomer’s Life Shaping Events

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Being a part of this unique, and very large, generation has its advantages and disadvantages.  But when we stop and consider the many changes we’ve seen and the choices we had to make we begin to realize that there have been life-shaping events that have caused us to become the people we are today.

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Remember when we played super heroes?  You can become one again!

Post-secondary or not? 

This was likely one of the first major choices we had to make in our young adult lives.  “What do I want to be when I grow up?”  The turmoil and guessing that we went through were brutal, to say the least.  And for those who knew early and/or had little difficulty in making this decision…our envious hats off to you.

Your career called next.

Whether we went to post-secondary or not, at some point we still had to begin our first job.  Oftentimes we seemed to “fall into” whatever was most readily available.  Maybe it was because of early financial commitments (referred to as children) or because we couldn’t or wouldn’t decide on post-secondary, many folks simply take the first decent looking job that comes along.

Marriage and family.

Again, whether deliberate or “accidental” these are events in our lives that most definitely cause us to think and work outside of ourselves.  This is when we truly begin to realize that “no man is an island” and we have societal commitments that must be met.


These are some of the more significant life-shaping events that we can reflect back on.  But now what do we do with them?  Do we continue to live our lives forward or can we learn anything from these events and possibly even share with others?

Reflecting and sharing those reflections are something that we as Baby Boomers need to do more of.  The life experiences that we have and the lessons learned are still being decided upon today.  Even though our teens or the teens of other Boomers may appear confident and “in control”, when you watch them closely you can see that same look of fear and confusion that I’m sure we’ve all experienced.

So how can you use these events to help others?

Tell your story.

Whether verbally, in a book, on a blog, or even as a speaker…today’s teens need what we have to share and how we learned to deal with the very things they are going through.

Share your passion.

Think back to the times where you know you should have chosen another door but didn’t   You ignored advice from others or simply let yourself get sidetracked for the wrong reasons.  Tell others this.  They will see your passion, your genuineness in how you speak and share your experiences.

Got a life-shaping event that really stands out in your mind?  Share it…let others know what you did to make your choice and be successful.

Sharing this significant events through a blog is a great way to keep the story going!

Thank you for reading.


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