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Are You Here To Learn To Blog?

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Hi and welcome!  Why are you here?  Are you here to learn to blog?

You have landed on Baby Boomers  Learn to Blog, a website dedicated to teaching the Boomer generation the ins and outs of blogging and of owning their own site.

Learn how to blogDo you want to:

  • Create your own website?
  • Learn to blog on your own site?
  • Maybe even make money from your site…?

Whatever your reason, I encourage you to poke around this site and see if there is anything that is relevant and useful to you.


Of course, you’re going to figure out pretty quickly that this website is affiliated with and promotes the Wealthy Affiliate University.  You’re invited to check that out and I do encourage you to review other useful sites as well.  I’m positive you will come back here to learn before you earn.

Here’s some really quick points if you are wanting to learn to blog:


Decide on your niche

This must be something that you are passionate about and will have sufficient material to develop a robust and informative site.  There are many ways and programs that can help you determine what your specialty will be so I will leave that in another post for you to read.


Register with an online school

With the explosion of the internet and the multitude of online training and schools, you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to selecting your “online school of choice”.  Make sure you review them carefully and then jump in with both feet.  You will want to make sure they provide training, support and the opportunity to ask questions.


Create your plan

Once you have decided on your niche you will need to outline your “plan of attack”.  Outline the blogs you will post, whether by a certain theme or genre, and write your “mini-series”.  Know the purpose of your site, the direction you want to go with it, and what the overall theme of your posts will be…and stick with that!


Write…right…and write some more

Many of us wouldn’t consider ourselves to be authors, let alone published authors.  But that is truly what you are doing when you begin blogging on your own website.  You are writing content, information that people need to read or want to read.


Begin the first article and then continue to write and improve.  It does become easier and you will find your “writer’s voice”.  This will include:

  • the style you want to write in,
  • the tone of your words,
  • the slang you want to use
  • …basically, your personality will and should come out in your posts.

 You want your readers coming back

This is what will keep your readers coming back as they begin to connect with you and then want to follow you and read your next pearls of wisdom.

If you need to brush up on your grammar and punctuation, do so, it will only help you become more proficient in the craft you are developing.  Also, if necessary, take a writing course whether it’s online or in school or even read books that will help you develop into a better writer.

Ask for help from people you respect

Finally, if you want further assistance or reviews of your drafts prior to publishing, find a few people that are willing to proofread your work and provide constructive feedback.  Ask them:

  • What did you get out of the story?
  • What are the pros/cons?
  • Was the article easy to read, had a natural flow, and answered your questions?
  • Was it interesting or did you just read it because I asked you to?


If you want to learn to blog, get the “technical stuff” like setting up a website and monetizing your site out of the way so you are now ready to write.  This should become a daily habit, whether you actually post your writing each day is up to you.  As you continue to write you will find an increased joy and satisfaction in the act of writing and visitors will come back to read your well-constructed posts.


Writing is what blogging is about.

Blogging needs to be done on your own website.

Your own website needs to be your “labor of love”.


I hope you have learned something about blogging in this post and that I’ve shown you that you can learn to blog.  If you want to see how I’m doing it, read my Review of Wealthy Affiliate. Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions or want to learn more.


Thanks for reading.


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