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Are You A Baby Boomer Using Social Media?

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Connecting through social media

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Baby Boomers are talking online and sharing their life stories with each other, their families, and anyone else that cares to listen.  Social Media, or Social Networking, has become as common to Boomers as using the rotary telephone and dialing with a pencil.

If this doesn’t sound familiar to the rest of you, then follow along as Baby Boomers take over the next wave of communication…we’ve been there before!

As we all know, there are many networks that bring with them their own “slang”:

  • Facebook likes
  • Twitter tweets
  • Pinterest pins

These are the most common and are being widely used by Baby Boomers.  But they’re also getting:

  • Linked-in
  • Stumbled-upon
  • Posting comments

And are “Googling, Yahooing, and Binging”!

The simple answer is that, yes, Baby Boomers are using social media to talk to one another and even build an online business, whether it’s through blogging or selling products.


Social Media Lets You Meet New People

Regardless of which social media platform used, Boomers are online-all-the-time. It’s become such a great way to “talk” to someone on the other side of the globe or even across town.  It’s a great way to learn about different cultures and how people speak…did you know that not everyone knows what “lol” means and might query you should you use it?.

However they meet, Baby Boomers from all walks of life are discovering and maintaining conversations with folks that they will likely never meet but who become close online friends.  They share their passions, their likes and dislikes, and talk about their jobs and families.


Stay Connected With Family

With extended families being what they are these days, social media allows all of us, Baby Boomers included, the opportunity to:

  • stay in touch,
  • share pictures and videos,
  • and even live vicariously through our families as they travel.

Whether by smart phone, laptop, or tablet, we can now stay connected in real time without having to dial a time-consuming rotary phone.

Most sites will let all of us share publicly, with a certain “circle”, or even privately…depending on our comfort level and desire for privacy.   Our preferences are pandered to and even protected, to ensure we are not spammed or scammed.


Promoting Websites

Some Baby Boomers are even using social media to share their business, whether it’s making money from home or selling through an affiliate program or even selling “family heirlooms”, things that Boomers think are trite but others call antiques.

There’s a certain degree of camaraderie between Boomers as well as they often prefer to promote one another to ensure online success.  These are characteristics that Boomers have ingrained in themselves from their days of large families, hand-me-down-clothes, and peace marches.


We’re Getting Over Our Fear Of Online Security

In the early days of the internet and even online shopping and paying bills, it seemed to be a regular occurrence that personal information was either hacked or outright stolen.  However, now with anti-spam anti-virus programs, we’re learning that we can be safe online (although we still have to be cautious of the scammers).

We’re also realizing that all social media networks are doing their due diligence to ensure we are safe while on their site…otherwise they would not survive.  We still hear of these companies getting hacked but we also know that they take immediate steps to correct any “backdoors” or loopholes.  They have to ensure their public presence is secure and that all of us can trust them.


Are You Socializing?

Connect with social media

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Belonging to the largest generation, some 450 million worldwide, means that a certain percentage of Baby Boomers are online and using social networks.  This number is growing and will continue to grow because, after all…

…we mastered the rotary phone!

I would love to hear from you and respond to all comments…as long as they are from “real people”.

Thanks for reading.

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