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Are There Any Legitimate Work From Home Jobs?

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Don't Get ScammedThis is a question that probably gets asked around the globe a few times a day…or more: Are there any legitimate work from home jobs?

The short answer…yes!

The long answer…you are building a business so you can’t go for the “get-rich-quick”!

Let me now rephrase this and get you thinking about it in a different way:

Is there any legitimate online training that will provide me with the resources to learn to work from home?  This would be a better question to ask.  Let me provide my answer for you.

Step One: Brainstorm your dream.

  • If you want to work from home you must have an idea that provides a service and that will make visitors want to come to your website.
  • List you’re your interests, your passions, your qualifications
  • Write down pros and cons for each of the above so you pick your best niche.
  • Turn your computer on and boot up your favorite search engine.

Step Two: Who do I believe nowadays?

  • With all the scammers and the spammers out there nowadays, you need to be careful with who you sign up with.
  • Check to see if there are any reviews on any companies you may be considering joining.  Reviews can include via search engines, videos, or even checking social media sites.  What are other people saying?
  • You’re looking for substance…not get-rich-quick schemes.  You know them when you see them so trust your instincts when you are reviewing a page and it’s all about how fast you’re going to be making money…from a beach…or on auto responder.  It doesn’t work that way!

Step Three: Legitimate sites offer information upfront…FREE!

  • Now you’re looking for a FREE online training site that will provide you with:
    • Progressive training for the newbie and intermediate website owner
    • Takes you from A to Z to learn about websites, working from home, and even earning your first dollar online.
    • Provides coaching and has a FAQ page or, better yet, an online forum or chat room where you can post your questions and get fairly quick responses.
  • It should be easy enough to search through the site and get a real sense of what they’re offering, the training available, and the support offered.
  • Many sites offer a free starter membership and that’s fine, it’s a great place to learn and begin building your online business.  There is often the opportunity to purchase a paid membership which should give you access to more training and in depth resources.
    • But start with the free option, see if the site delivers on its promises, before you purchase anything.

Step Four: Is there a trial period that easily allows me to cancel my membership?

  • Not as much of a concern when you are only accessing the site’s free membership, but, even then, you want a cancellation to be easy and immediate…and no follow  up trying to sell you more or other products.
  • Even with paid memberships there must be the opportunity to cancel your membership and, more importantly, your payment.  You shouldn’t have to lodge complaints or threaten legal action.  Simply cancel the account and allow me to move on.
  • If nothing else, contact your credit card company and ensure this recurring payment is stopped.  And if you had to take this step you know for sure that the company never was legitimate to begin with and the further you now stay away from them the better.

Step Five: Find it…follow it…build it

  • Now you’ve found a site that you have researched, you’re convinced they offer you everything noted above, and you’re “ready to go”.
  • Now follow it and the training and resources they have available.  These reputable sites have taken the time to give you a progressing and logical sequence to their training.  Follow it, even if it seems that it will take quite a while to get your business profitable.
  • Continue to build your business as instructed.  Remember, these people have been where you are now and they want you to stay in their online community and be successful.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day…well established stores did not become so overnight…why would you expect your work from home job to be an instant success?

Step Six: Trust your decision and stick it out for the long run

  • You know yourself better than anyone else.  Now trust what you have researched, which website training center you will participate in, and that your niche is one that you will enjoy working in for quite some time.

Trust yourself

…you know what you’re doing

…you’re now working from home in a legitimate business that you created.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. When you say legitmate do you mean creditable of course but finding them is the challenge. The internet has gotten so big so fast jut being able to find a work from home business can be a real headache.

    I done my research and have found that it is possible to make a good living online but were do you start and how do you keep from getting scammed

    • Hi and thanks for your comment. I encourage you to check out the Wealthy Affiliate link on my site and see if it’s for you. You can sign up free, get two free websites, and have access to tons of training. Upgrade only if you want to…it took me about a month to realize that this place was legit. Also, they do not allow spammers so it’s a safe place to be. Great support and community.

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