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An Introduction To Internet Marketing For Baby Boomers

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How Internet Marketing Works WA VideoAre you a Baby Boomer searching for ways to make money online?  If so, I invite you to start here with this introduction to internet marketing where you will learn:

  • How internet marketing works
  • How to choose a product
  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • What your role as an affiliate is
  • Why companies want to “hire you”
  • How you get paid
  • Is internet marketing for you?


Let’s get started!

How Internet Marketing Works

Millions of people are searching the internet daily for either products or information.  They are becoming quite sophisticated in how they search and typically are fairly specific in what they type into the search engines.

Your goal is to meet them wherever they are in the “customer life cycle” and provide them with the product or information they are looking for.  You do this by either having a description or a review of the product and then link them to a company website that you are an affiliate of.  More on that later.


How To Choose A Product

First of all, you need to determine what your niche is; basically, what product or information you want to promote and create a website for.  You will want to ensure that this is something that you value and can ethically promote…don’t get caught up in scams or “get-rich-quick” schemes.

A great way to not only determine your niche but also what you will post on your website is to use great keywords that people are searching for.  There are a number of keyword tools available to you and I encourage you to look around and find one that works for you.  One simple test is to type your idea into Google because you will see other suggestions loaded in their drop down.  This is free and is a great way to find out what are the most popular searches.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

If you have an idea for a product you would like to market online then you will need to find those companies that offer an affiliate program.  One of the best ways to do this is to use the “+” button on your keyboard.  Here’s what I mean:


How Internet Marketing Works Google Screenshot


In this example I’ve typed in “books + affiliate program” and Google has given me what the top searches are.  Not surprisingly, there is Amazon…although I am a little surprised they’re not on top.  But let’s dig a little deeper into the Amazon Affiliate program so you can see what they offer:


How Internet Marketing Works Amazon Screenshot


As you can see, Amazon gives a brief description of their program and the compensation plan.  You would then click on these to get further details right from their website.  You can do this with any affiliate program you want to search.

CAUTION: Make sure you completely read the companies’ Privacy Policy as well as their Terms of Service.  Know what you’re signing up for before you sign up.  Many of them give you the opportunity to send them a question before you sign up or they may already have an FAQ page for you.  Take advantage of these if you need to.


What Is Your Role As An Affiliate?

Your role includes:

  • Have a website in the same niche as your affiliate program.  You don’t want someone landing on your website looking for books and you are writing about cars…unless you have books about cars.
  • Write good articles about the product, whether it’s through product descriptions or reviews.
  • Ensure you have an affiliate link and that your visitors are clicking through to the companies’ website via your link.  This will create a “cookie” which tells the companies’ website to track any sales through your affiliate link.

 Learn more at Wealthy Affiliate


Your primary goal is to provide quality content (articles) that convince your reader that they have found what they are looking for.  Once you have done that they are more prone to click through and buy because you have done your “upsell”…convinced them that “here’s the answer you are looking for”!


Why Companies Want To “Hire You”

Let’s face it: companies that sell products want to sell as much as they can!

Whether they are selling from a physical store or are selling online, their goal is to sell products.  And, barring the department-type of stores, they are usually focused on who their customer is and design their ad campaigns and promotions for that customer.

This is where you, the affiliate marketer, come in!

If a company has their own website they want to see that splashed all over the internet, most importantly: on page 1 and in the number 1 position in all the search engines.  And your website can help them do that and help you rank as well.

Some companies will have an approval process you need to go through so they can “check you out” just as you’re checking them out.  They want to ensure

  • You are legitimate
  • You are human
  • Your niche matches their product
  • You won’t give them a bad reputation

You shouldn’t fear this “screening” because both you and the company you want to be an affiliate for must ensure that it’s a good match.  Just as you are checking out their ethics and if they match what you value, they want to do the same.


How You Get Paid

Your website, and, specifically the quality posts you are writing, is an “online store” for these companies that will help them sell more of their products.  And you will earn commissions based on those sales.

This is typically done via the affiliate link that the company gives you and any referrals that come to them from your link lets their “trackers” know that you get the commission from any sales.  Some companies will even give you links so you can set up widgets or promotional banners and therefore make it easier for your website visitors to click through and make a purchase…on your affiliate link!

You will be required to provide either a mailing address for payments to be sent to or have an account, most often through PayPal, to deposit your commissions into.  Depending on the company you have signed up with, they typically will provide your referral with credit card and other payment options so you don’t have to set those up on your website.  I recommend using companies that offer these because they typically use secure servers so that your customer’s billing information is kept private and secure.


Is Internet Marketing For You?

  • So is this something you think you might be interested in?
  • Is internet marketing something you’ve always wanted to try?


You will need to make that decision at some point but I always advise people to do your research first and make sure:

  • That internet marketing is for you
  • You don’t sign up for the “bright shiny objects”; meaning, don’t get scammed and don’t believe the hype that you will make “a ton of money” overnight
  • You find a good online training center – I recommend Wealthy Affiliate which is what I’m using
  • You affiliate only with those companies that you can respect and hold the same ethics and values that you do.
  • That internet marketing is something that you will enjoy…it really is a lot of fun by the way.

Please leave me any comments or questions you might have in the box below.

Thanks for reading.


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