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Adding Pictures to Your Blog

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How important is adding pictures to your blog so that your visitors stay and read your article?  I’m sure you’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words?

  • You have about 2 to 5 seconds to convince your visitor to stay.
  • We are a visual society
  • A headline should grab your visitor’s attention

A picture must be relevant…to your visitor…to your story!

Building a website and writing a blog for it should be something you enjoy and are an authority in.  Your goal is to attract visitors, have them read your posts, and potentially buy information or a product from you.  But you must make your posts interesting…and visual!


  • Write a book when a chapter would do
  • Have long paragraphs
  • Include technical jargon


  • Include white space that breaks up your post and makes it easy to read
  • Have headings or subheadings


Whether you have chosen one picture in the first fold of your post (the page visitors see when they first land on your site) or you have placed pictures throughout the post, follow these rules:

  1. The picture must be relevant to the topic
  2. The picture should tell the story on its own
  3. Don’t stuff your article with pictures unless they’re relevant
  4. Ensure you are following any copyright rules

There is much debate over whether you should use pictures that are free or paid for on your website.  You will need to review the pros and cons of this and decide for yourself.

Free pictures: are useful and work well for those on limited budgets.  The selection will be limited and the quality may not be as great.

Paid pictures: depending on your finances you will find that there is a huge supply of pictures that can be bought and at varying prices.  This option is worth checking out if you are serious about your website and plan on posting regularly.

Personal pictures: some of these may be useful, especially if you are blogging about your family or even your travels.  They will give your post that “personal, I-was-there” feel and would clearly make you an authority.  However, it would be useful to either take a few photography classes or read the manual that came with your camera so you are using it to its fullest.  Amateur pictures look like…amateur pictures.

Give Credit When Credit is Due

Adding Pictures to your blog

Courtesy of Microsoft Office Images

 Just as with writers who hold literary rights to their work, photographers also hold the same rights to the pictures that they snap.  Whether you are using a free or paid picture, it’s a good idea to give credit where it is due and that is to the photographer.

You can use the photographer’s name in your post

You can link back to the image on the originating site





So how valuable is adding pictures to your blog?  You can conduct your own research on this in one easy step – surf the internet on subjects you are interested and when you click on a website be aware of what keeps you there or causes you to hit the back button.  What, if anything, was compelling enough that kept you there:

  • A picture or video?
  • The headline?
  • The text?

This is exactly what your visitors will be doing when they are surfing and land on your site.  You have to:

  • give them a reason to stay
  • give them a reason to read
  • give them a reason to buy

Give them a picture to start!

If you would like to read more about creating and building a website, including adding pictures, read my Wealthy Affiliate review.  Join  now if your serious about owning your own website and adding your own pictures.

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