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A Baby Boomer’s “Daily Journal” Is Not The Name Of A Newspaper

Newspaper Rack and a blog site

photo credit: Steve Rhodes via photopin cc

Many of us write a daily journal for a variety of reasons; whether it’s to jot down our daily thoughts, vent our frustrations, or even as part of a daily blog.  But we don’t expect it to be headline news nor have a newspaper named after us.

In researching this post, I continually found newspaper articles or newspaper names coming up in the search engines.  But I did not want to write for “The Daily Journal”, a newspaper from whatever town that was ranking highest today.

But I do want to write about daily journaling and the advantage of keeping one.  So, all editorials aside, let’s talk about why Baby Boomers might want to keep a journal.


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Are You A Baby Boomer Using Social Media?

Connecting through social media

photo credit: Matt Hamm via photopin cc

Baby Boomers are talking online and sharing their life stories with each other, their families, and anyone else that cares to listen.  Social Media, or Social Networking, has become as common to Boomers as using the rotary telephone and dialing with a pencil.

If this doesn’t sound familiar to the rest of you, then follow along as Baby Boomers take over the next wave of communication…we’ve been there before!

As we all know, there are many networks that bring with them their own “slang”:

  • Facebook likes
  • Twitter tweets
  • Pinterest pins

These are the most common and are being widely used by Baby Boomers.  But they’re also getting:

  • Linked-in
  • Stumbled-upon
  • Posting comments

And are “Googling, Yahooing, and Binging”!

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What Is An About Me Page And Why Would Anyone Read It?

“Tell us a little something about yourself.”Read All About Me

If you own a website it’s extremely important to include an About Me Page because…people do read it!

“Why would anyone want to read it?”, you may ask.

They will likely never meet you and therefore will only have what you say about yourself to make a decision if you’re:

  • A real person
  • Who writes original articles
  • And someone…maybe…that they can trust!

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How to Publish an Article in 3 Easy Steps

Everyone would like to be a published author and see their name on the front cover of a book.  But sometimes you have to start small and one of the best ways is learning how to publish an article, whether that’s online or in hard copy magazines.

I want to show you 3 easy steps that I use when I’m writing.  I currently have about 70 published articles online and have learned a few things that help me as I’m writing.

Here’s a screenshot of the outline for this article.  Please note that at the time of writing this was all I had…I will now “fill in the gaps”.

 Write an Article  in three easy steps

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How to Market to 450 Million Baby Boomers: A Personal Perspective

Market to 450 million Baby Boomers

photo credit: alexkess via photopin cc

To be frank, I did not know that I belonged to a group of over 450 million people worldwide, but I did know that marketers want to know how to market to us, sometimes regardless of means.  Although I’m not from the United States, I did know that there are over 77 million Baby Boomers in that country alone.

Here’s a few other things I didn’t know:

  • Roughly 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65 today in the U.S. alone
  • There are almost 7 billion people in the world
    • Baby Boomers make up 6.5% of them
  • We are still credited with spending over $2 trillion worldwide

What an influential group to belong to.

Want some insights on how to market to us?

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How to Blog Using Mind Mapping

Do you like to think in pictures or an outline?Mind Mapping WA Article

Do you want to learn how to “free flow” your ideas?

In this article I’m going to talk about how to blog using Mind Mapping techniques so that you can use it to visually map out and get creative with your ideas.  This is a great method for jotting down your ideas as they come and using these ideas to find more ideas.  The great thing is that each could then potentially be an article on its own.


So let’s learn to map before we drive!

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How To Blog And Get Paid

Many want to know how to blog and get paid…I have two things to say: Write and sell on your blog

Write meaningful articles…Regularly

Offer products or information…Related to your site!


If you learn nothing else…learn these two things…and you will succeed online!  Read more to see how I’m doing it.


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