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Why Big Biz Likes Affiliate Marketing

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Big Biz and You

A Business Partnership

If you’re an online marketer, have you ever had family or friends tell you that’s ridiculous and the internet is only made up of scams and phony get-rich-quick schemes? Thanks for the support, right?

Next time maybe share these tiny tidbits with them; if online marketing didn’t work, why do giant companies like Amazon, eBay, and even the major department stores have affiliate programs? It would appear that big business knows what they’re doing or they would not be doing it.

And guess what, when you are doing affiliate marketing you are getting in on some easy profits.

Big Biz Rewards Their Affiliates

Check out most company’s websites, like those mentioned above, and you will see that they offer an affiliate program. These companies are in the business of making money and if they can get your help then both of you make money.

Caution: some scammers package these free affiliate programs into a shiny product and try to get you to buy. Always check out the company you want to affiliate with to find out if there is a fee to join…the majority let you sign up free.

Call it a reward, an incentive, or anything else – just understand that it is extra money to you when you promote them.

How Do You Start?

Question MarkBecoming an affiliate means that you need to have an approved website. This usually means a website in your niche (lets use iPhone case covers as our example) on which you write reviews on the different products and offer your insights and recommendations.

The best reviews are those where you have some experience with the product. In our example case, if you use an iPhone and have experimented with different covers then you can provide that experiential perspective.

If you want to get started its’ recommended to find a free website service so that you can “get your feet wet” and learn how to build your own website that will get approved as an affiliate.

Don’t worry about buying traffic or doing things like Pay Per Click. When you follow proper search engine optimization practices then you will get your website ranked organically…and free.

Made For You Help

Most affiliate programs offer banners, whether pictures or text (which converts much better by the way). It’s become as easy as pasting the html code they provide you directly into a text widget on your website and, voila, there is the banner.

Or you can highlight the words and embed the link right into them. On a side note, if you’re not sure how to add a text widget here’s a short video I did that will help.

Some companies will also offer affiliate managers that will help you create the best product experience for your visitor. Again, check out each company to see if they offer this feature.

Some Things To Know

  • Always…always…read their “Terms of Service”. They have rules and regulations to protect their reputation and to ensure that everyone follows them. Some companies will outright ban you if you run afoul of these. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
  • Most online companies warn against changing their banners in any way. They are providing them to you free of charge so you need to respect what they give you.
  • Don’t spam your links! This means that you don’t want to leave them plastered all over the internet in the hopes that someone will click on it and buy. In fact, these big biz companies frown on this and would likely ban you.

The Bottom Line

Money! Online stores are in business to make money. And they know that with your help they can make even more…and are willing to share that with you.

This review will provide you with the information you need to do 3 things:WA Blue Logo

  1. Get a free website
  2. Get free training
  3. Learn how you can join the affiliate marketing wave.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Lettie Thurman says:

    Really great article. Our friends and family are trying to be supportive but we can see the disbelief in their faces.

    Thanks for the information
    Lettie and Danny

    • Mine “humor” me and can see that it keeps me busy and out of trouble. But with my ongoing success they are becoming more and more interested and are even at the point of getting a little excited about it.

  2. Good advise on how to deal with my family members and friends when they asked me on what I am working on. I agree with you on how they look at internet marketing.

    • Glad they’re asking. Sometimes I think they just humor me but don’t actually want to know what I’m doing. Maybe as more dollars start rolling in 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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