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What Every Baby Boomer Needs to Know About Empower Network 2.0

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Empower Network 2 Scam

Many people want to start their own online business. But before you Baby Boomers, or anyone else, signs up for the wrong “opportunity” I encourage you to spend some time here understanding what you need to know about Empower Network 2.0.

As a previous member of Empower Network I never could figure out what the actual product was other than to get you to sign up others who would sign up others and…well, you get the picture.

Obviously, 2.0 means there is a 1.0. I’ve written a previous post on this and, out of curiosity, thought I would check out the newer version.

…and let me tell you…I am alarmed!

Warning Flags

Banned By Facebook

You are advised to buy your own domain so that you don’t get blocked by Facebook…WHAT?!

Empower Network did get banned back in the late summer of 2012. Enough people were fed up with the constant spamming to “Join Now”…”Don’t be a wussy”…and finally. FB listened to these people and banned any posts or links that were related to EN.

At one point it was possible to post your video on FB and link it back to your YouTube account and then, in your “Video Manager” insert your Empower Network links to your heart’s content. That would get links back to your website. Except…

They Were Also Banned by YouTube

Sometime in January of 2013, YouTube began removing Empower Network videos from their site. Obviously, many EN members are upset about this and have gone to great lengths to figure out how to have them restored.

Interestingly enough, EN threatened to sue everyone that had been clicking on the spam button but that appears to have been nothing more than veiled threats; and probably a marketing ploy for their next “product”…keep reading.

Empower’s New (?) Products

Blog Beast

This is Empower Network’s “new” blogging product whereby you are able to run many blogs with multiple domains that are centralized in your EN account. They have taken the WordPress platform and tweaked it to suit their own needs. There is nothing wrong with doing this but what they haven’t told you is that you won’t own the website and the design, including that the header, footer, and widget banners are not removable.

WordPress is not that difficult to learn, contrary to what one of the founders of EN claims. This website is on the WordPress platform and is actually a recommended platform for beginners to start using.

EN’s Media Hosting Service

Because they have been banned on the major video sites like YouTube (remember, it’s free to create an account and post) Empower Network has created their own video hosting service…which you can own today for $25.00 per month. WHY?

The company also claims, as if it’s a new discovery or something that they created, that you can take videos from your phone and instantly upload them. This is correct but it is not anything that is new. We’ve always been able to do that since the introduction of smart phones and YouTube. And there are apps for that…totally free!

By the way, you don’t need the Media Hosting Service because we can already do videos with our phone and upload them to YouTube…because we haven’t been banned!

Empower’s Way of Doing Business

EN Advocates “Re-Blogging”Thumbs down on Empower's way of doing business

Essentially, they instruct their members to take the content that someone else has written and add your thoughts or comments to it and then re-post.

…don’t do this!

Google sees this as deceptive and an attempt by the offenders to get more traffic. Google warns that two things could happen in these cases:

  1. The site’s rankings may very well suffer
  1. Google may take it upon themselves to remove the site altogether…meaning that it won’t even show up on the last page.

If you would like to read Google’s article on this you can do so here: Duplicate Content

This is such a no-no in the online world. Remember all of those plagiarizing lessons we as Baby Boomers learned in school? It might have gotten us an “F” on our report card and it will certainly get us a de-indexing in the search engines. Just to be clear, no indexing = no site exists…and the Empower Network wants us to re-blog? Please don’t.

EN Advocates Backlinks

Obviously, EN hasn’t kept up to all of the updates Google has introduced. Google simply doesn’t care about them anymore.

A few years back this was a useful strategy and was used by many. But now they are not a great consideration when it comes time to rank your website. What will matter is the content and that your visitors find your information useful by answering their questions. And it’s important that you post regularly.

But Google Does Care About “Viral SEO”

If you are seen as a site that is manipulating links to increase your site’s ranking then, as noted above, you may very well lose ranking if not outright banned. This is serious business; I would advise that you read Google’s comments about “Link Schemes”.

Empower Network 2.0 Review Screenshot of Google's Link Schemes

Screenshot of Google’s Warning About Link Schemes

Proper SEO is about writing original content that visitors are searching for and helps them find a solution to their problem. Duplicate content will get you deindexed and back linking simply doesn’t matter anymore.

Indulge Me In A Personal Rant

Just a couple of quick points that got me steamed when doing my research for this post:

  • First of all, I will admit that I once belonged to EN
  • I got out after 4 months, cancelling (or so I thought) my membership
  • Out of curiousity I checked my old EN site
  • And there it was…still “live”…but with a different look!

Empower Network 2 Review Screenshot of My EN Website


I did not include the header or the footer/sidebar (which do not show in the screenshot). Nor did I create the menu tabs with the information included. In my absence, Empower Network has kept this blog going and even had the AUDACITY to keep it “updated” with their promo.  And, as you can see, I have not written on this blog for over a year.

Here’s the point – you do not own your website when you sign up to Empower Network. They place limitations on it and keep it running even if you leave.

If you want to have control, get the right training, and pay for a membership only if you so choose then I highly recommend you check out this free website builder. You will be given the opportunity to create a free account and join an incredible online community.

Of course, Empower Network will say, as will many other companies, that they have the greatest online community. That may be so…

…but are they a free online business training center? Why don’t you decide for yourself!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. It is unfortunate that people are being mislead not only about what they are going to have to purchase within this program, but also about how to create a business online.

    Backlinks, not good. Re-blogging, horrible idea. Alexa means better rankings? Absolutely incorrect.

    Yet what is happening is a “monkey see monkey do” situation and you have not only people being misinformed, but them telling others this is how it is. It breeds itself quickly.

    And there is a requirement for people involved with the EN program now to have the media hosting because they can no longer use services that they NEED to have like Youtube to host their videos. Youtube and every other Google entity have deemed their program as spam and for good reason.

    People are getting taken by this program in large numbers and the dishonesty and the unethical behaviour spreads from one person to the next. Thanks for bringing the reality of this program to the attention of others Rick.

    • EN keeps adding upsell after upsell. I wonder if they’re concerned at all when they get banned because all they do is create a new “product” in another attempt to make more money. I think it will be a grand day when their house of cards comes crashing down around them when the governments finally intervene. Although I’m sure another scam will just follow in their shoes. We truly do need to be diligent when we are searching to build a reputable online business.

  2. Excellent post Rick – I am truly dumbfounded at what you have found! $25 to subscribe to their video platform?

    Hopefully this sees the demise of this shoddy outfit. Trouble is, people do follow people. And, if one person has made a few bucks then people will follow. Its the whole “opportunity seeker” mentality that they pitch towards, and once you are in it proves very hard to get out of, as you point out. Can’t believe they changed your (their) site to promote the new platform even though you had left!

    Nice work on this, hopefully this will put a few people off!


    • I must admit that when I started my research for this post I had no idea that EN had created this video platform. They wouldn’t have had to if they hadn’t got themselves banned in the first place.

  3. Wow awesome review Rick, while I’ve come across there sales pitches I’ve never been tempted to join, though I have been suckered into others, and certainly never will.
    I joined WA and have found it excellent in all respects.

    • I was one of the ones that got suckered into EN. About a year ago I realized I needed to get out because it was a scam, had no product, and I was tired of the unprofessional name calling. Glad you’re a fan of WA, I am, too.

  4. Great review! I was a member for a year. Never learned anything but bad stuff like reposting my own original content on multiple sites. I stopped watching their 90 minute + training videos and webinars because all they did was talk about how they (Dave and Dave) overcame tough times and then they’d try and upsell you and call you names if you didn’t get all in. I’ve spoken to one of the top money earners in EN (who happens to despise the longer haired Dave) and even she knows that what she’s doing is “wrong” but her justification is that the money is just too good.

    • Absolutely agree, they spend more time talking about themselves and calling others names. Interesting side point, I never told my wife about my time with EN because, when it came right down to it, I was embarrassed and she would have recognized it quicker for what it is…a scam! Thanks for commenting.

  5. I am glad I never got sucked into EN. Thank’s Rick for exposing the truth from first hand experience. It’s too bad 80% or more of the IM world is populated by scams and deceptions.

    • You’re right, Mike. Far too many get suckered in and the scammers walk away a dollar richer. Thank goodness I’m starting to see more reviews coming up that provide the scam side of the story so that people get both sides and can make an informed decision.

  6. Great post Rick! Given that you were once part of this place, it offers far more weight to this review. I’m glad you were able to get out before you were in too deep. EN 2.0 is nothing more than sugar coating over an already exposed pyramid scheme. Hopefully more people thinking about joining it will see your review.

    • Yes, sadly I do have inside information but you’re right, it also allows me to speak from a position of knowledge. My one biggest question was always “What’s the product?” I finally concluded that there wasn’t one and knew I had to look elsewhere.

  7. It is called a Ponzi Scheme. Authorities will wait until people have lost millions of dollars before they do anything about them. If they wait long enough, then the they will really pay the price for their fraud in the afterlife.

    I got involved for less than a week in CoffeeShop Millionaire, which is another ponzi scheme. Several others came my way, but I didn’t fall for them.

    There is an affiliate network out there that is full of them. Morrison is a big promote through them, and I keep wondering when he will start to get bad press about his involvement.

    You have done a really good job of exposing many of the lies. Thanks for being so transparent.

    • Thank you for your comments and I’m glad you found the review useful. We need more of these out there providing an alternative to these scams.

  8. Great information, Rick! Thank you for posting this so hopefully it will prevent more people from being scammed. I certainly won’t be considering them now.

  9. Hi Rick,

    What a great post. I hope and pray folks will find this before they invest one dime into this farce. Sadly, it took me TWICE to figure out there was absolutely no value in EN. I just did not trust my own gut. Instead I was lured by all the big checks on stage. Finally I realized that no amount of money was worth being associated with these clowns. They prey on desperate people who are hoping they found the answer…and then when you don’t go “all in” the name calling begins. Well it begins at the very beginning. Anyway, EN, hopefully, will see its demise soon. Before it hurts anyone else.

    • The name calling was something that totally turned me off. While I’m not opposed to swearing and certain language I thought it was totally inappropriate for a business site. Thanks for commenting.

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