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Online education school written on a chalkboardReady to go back to school? Want to create your own online business? The two are compatible and your diploma is your paycheck. Not a bad combo!

Too many want to succeed overnight without taking the right education first. And then they wonder why the money isn’t being automatically deposited…like they were promised. Blinded by flashing banners and opt-in forms, too many who want to work online don’t stop and read the disclaimers that results are not guaranteed. “But surely, that’s not me,” you say. “I’ll make it work.”

Let’s take the blinders off and examine the training you need (banners not included).

Pick A School

Gone are the days of university calendars and program guides. Now you just need to enter your query into your favorite search engine and you can find a plethora of online schools. But lets stay focused on those that will help you open an online business; whether its an e-store, product reviews, or even a motivational website.

What do you look for in a school? There will be many that recommend their hallowed “virtual” hallways as the only way to learn and succeed. What convinces you to click?

Some Things to Ponder

  • Remember, we’re ignoring hype and focusing on quality.
  • The lessons: are they easy to follow and allow for both textual learning as well as video and audio? We all learn differently and having all of these choices will allow you to use your learning strengths.
  • Are the tools provided user-friendly? Whether it’s a website builder, keyword tool, or even calculators to anticipate earnings, you want tools that are easy to use and that come with instructions (yes, guys, we need to have instructions to succeed).

You won’t get a failing grade with the right tutors. Whether it’s the online chat, the company’s website hosting support, or the ability to submit questions you need to have a school that provides counsellors that will guide you (and the owners should be stepping up to the plate as well).

Sit In On Free Classes

Now any reputable school will let you test out their classes…for free. And you shouldn’t have to sneak into the back of the class to do this. Why not sit front and center where you get the most bang for your free buck.

Because there is so much information on the virtual highway you don’t need to pay to learn, at least not to start. Anyone that packages free information and sells it as the next “best way to get rich quick” is out to make a fast buck. Don’t shell out your hard earned money.

Whether it’s a trial period or a free-forever opportunity (yes, they do exist) this should be one of the first things you look for when you’re beginning your online business. What you’re looking for is a match — is this school good for you and will it deliver what you want? You’re in the driver’s seat, don’t ever believe otherwise.

Go ahead, do some tire-kicking and check it out.

Review The Curriculum

So what are they teaching? It’s probably best to ask, “What do I want or need to learn?” We’re all at different stages with our business acumen so find a school that has the information you need.

Most online schools want you to fill in a simple registration form to get access to even their beginners training. Don’t sweat this. In fact, create a new email if you want so they will never find you should you decide it’s not a good fit.

What you want is to get inside and see what exactly they are offering without giving them any credit card information (it’s a little more difficult to create a new card). You need some time, whether it’s a week or a month or indefinitely, to poke around, try out some training, and see if this will be for you.

Don’t look for fast cars and fancy mansions…look for the curriculum. You will know what’s legit and what’s a sales job just by looking around.

Register Today

And when you find that school…sign up! Set some goals for yourself to decide how long you will stay with it and give it the old college try. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your website won’t be delivering profits just by wishing it so.

You have to put in the time and “sweat equity” to create a legitimate online business; one that you will be proud of and won’t hesitate to show family and friends.

What Do I Recommend?

This is not a banner…these are actual FREE lessons that offer the foundations of what you will need to succeed online.

Online Certification Course Level 1










This online training center meets all the criteria listed above…except for the spammy, make money quick references…those are not allowed…period!

Here you will find the right training, the right community, the right support, and the right classes for you.

Interested? Try it free…schools in!

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