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Watch Me Build A Free Website

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Building a free website should not be, and is not, hard to do.  I invite you to click on the video and watch me create a website that includes: 

  • The domain name (url)
  • The name of the website
  • The initial theme (which can be changed if you like)
  • Getting your admin page with username and password
  • Taking your first look at your new site

I’ve included the points made in the video in this post as well for your reference.  You can use this as your checklist as you’re building your own website.   Let’s go build!



My Recommended Site Builder

There are many site builders out there but for the purposed of this post I will be using the “Wordpress Express Website Builder” found at Wealthy Affiliate.  For more information about that company you can read my review here.

You will need to create your free Wealthy Affiliate account before you can actually build your website so I encourage you to do that first.


Find Your Niche Then Build Your Site

For the purposes of the video, I created a test site in order to show you the steps that you will need to follow.  Creating your own site will be predicated on knowing what niche you will enter and the product you will be promoting, if your intent is to make money from your website.  Your website niche and your product should be directly related to each other.

If you need assistance with determining your niche then you can read my article here about finding your niche and the steps you should follow to know that it is both viable and something that is being searched for.

Let’s Build a Website…


Free or Paid?

At Wealthy Affiliate, free members get two free websites in any niche that you choose.  It will be a sub-domain, which will read as “yourwebsitename.siterubix.com”.  There is the ability to have unlimited domains that you own as a Premium member but there is certainly no obligation to upgrade.  The video focuses on the free websites.


Website and Hosting

Within your membership page you will see an incredible amount of training and resources that are available even to free members.  For the purpose of this lesson, though, we will only be focusing on the light blue “Build My Website” tab found in the upper left-hand corner.  Go ahead and click that and you will be taken to the WordPress Express page.


Enter Your Domain Name

WordPress Express will ask you for the name of your website which will become your url, or the “uniform resource locator”, which is the equivalent of your web address.

After you enter this you will be shown if that website is available.  If it’s not you will need to consider a variation of the name you want to use but that still keeps you in the niche you want to be in.

(NOTE: this is all one word.)


Enter Your Website Name

This is the actual name of your website and should be similar if not identical to your url.  It should also be natural sounding and memorable so that others can find you again.  For instance, if you heard the word, “starwars” and entered that into a search engine you would see their .com on the first page.

(NOTE: the name is separated by spaces.)


Pick Your Theme

With over 1400 themes to pick from in WordPress Express, you will be able to find a theme that will work for your site.  The problem with this many themes is that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choices that are available.

You can always change your theme later so I wouldn’t spend too much time thinking that you have to find the perfect look for your website right away.  Select one that catches your eye and hit the “choose theme” button.


Build Your Website

Create a Free Website

I would recommend double-checking your url and website name before you hit the “build website” button because these cannot be changed once created.

Now go ahead and build your website…you’re only a few seconds away from owning a piece of internet real estate.


Admin Page

When your website gets built you will be taken to the General Settings Admin page.  Here you will see your username and password and you will need to keep them somewhere safe.  You will always have access to them when you come back to your membership page which I find very convenient.


Go Look At Your Website!

You can now click on your website url in the General Settings and you will be taken to your brand new website.

Congratulations…You Did It!

Please note that should you need to access your website after this from within Wealthy Affiliate you will need to click on the blue “Websites and Hosting” tab in the left column under “Tools and Services”.  This will take you to your website login and you will need your password when requested.

You are the first one to see your website but you will not be the last.  You have just entered the online world and have put up your sign, “Open For Business”.

If you would like to see the online school that signed me up for free I invite you to join me now.  I honestly feel that I have only begun to scratch the surface of all the training available.  The support has been incredible, even for someone like me who might need a few reminders.

Thanks for reading and please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about any of this.  Enjoy your website!


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