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Want To Know How To Fix A Website? Ask For Help!

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Man_Attrezzi_002Can you read this? Of course you can…you’re here. 24 hours ago you wouldn’t have been able to because somehow I managed to almost completely destroy 8 months of work. If you want to know how to fix a website I’m here to tell you one thing…ask for help!

Have you ever lost your images, links, and even your menu on your website? If you have then you can relate when I tell you how I felt when this happened to me.

But thanks to this video, I had backed up my website and when I asked the author a few questions he offered to help restore it…for FREE!  If you know of another place that can beat this offer, and be true to their word, then I’m all ears.

First, I Started With My Online Support Techies

These folks are really awesome and within an hour had most everything up and running again from the backup that they keep (which, incidentally, I didn’t know they had). They then sent me a message with instructions for the next steps that I would have to do. Gulp!

But I was still appreciative and because my online school is celebrating their 8th birthday this month, I had to send this incredible support group a big thank you for all the help they provided.

Now It Was Up To Me…

Yes, Mr. “non-techie” was supposed to finish restoring the website that he so lovingly built up for 8 months and then destroyed virtually overnight. So I Googled, and searched and read…and cried (OK, not quite. But I was close to tears).

And then my eureka moment…ask for help, dummy! Maybe the guy who created the video could at least get you started in the right direction before you undid the fix that the support techies had done.

Me: “Dear (insert name), I need to restore my site and had a few questions.”

After asking why I needed to restore my site here is the next thing he said, “If you want I can help you fix or restore the site.”

Um, what? Read it again…and again…and YES, please!

Long story short, he fixed my site and for no charge. I’ve checked it and double-checked it and pinched myself and…well, you get the picture because you’re reading it. He totally fixed my site!

Is There A Moral Here?

Yup, know which online school is the best and learn to trust the experts that are there.

I have never belonged to such a group that truly took your success to heart, with no thought of charging for their expertise. Oh sure, I pay $49 bucks a month to be enrolled but as I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s worth every penny.

I am not a technical wizard by any stretch of the imagination and wouldn’t know CSS from a php file. My desire is to create a website and to be blogging regularly on it. Thank goodness that there are others who do know this “other stuff” and are willing to share their expertise.

At the end of the day it all comes down to doing your research before you buy or enroll with anyone. I’m glad I did my due diligence when I decided to check out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s like being home with folks that will teach you, train with you, and offer to help you.

Thanks for reading and if you are like me I would encourage you to join me…just in case you need help to fix your website!


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  1. A great post, Rick – and a timely reminder to do some backing up! Yes, I’m in the non-techie boat as well and have received valuable help when I’ve asked for it. 🙂 G!

    • It’s great knowing there are those at WA who “have our back” when we do something unintentional to our websites. Thanks for stopping by.

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