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3d button add friend with 3d humans - social network conceptTalk…engage…stay connected. If you take a look at Facebook’s mission statement below, they want us to have the power to share. And they have given us the free platform to do just that. And really, connecting and sharing is how to blog on Facebook.

When you think of it, FB is like a mini blog site, whether you frame your status updates in words, pictures or even links to your website. The goal is really to create engagement and discussion, not just to talk about what you had for breakfast (I had cereal, BTW).

Mission Statement

Prior to writing this post I had never even considered what Facebook’s missions statement might be.  It’s actually nicely worded but probably not faithfully followed by many who post on their timeline, business page, or even fan page.  Did you know this:

The Facebook Mission Statement Screenshot

Facebook’s Mission Statement



What Is Facebook (ever wonder about the name?)

This actually originates from American universities and is a student directory which includes names and photographs (Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg, creator, allegedly tapped into Harvard’s records to get his original “records”?  However, all charges of a privacy breach were dropped).

The intent from the universities was to help the students get to know one another and connect; which would be very useful to new students in particular. Sounds like a perfect beginning for Facebook.

What Zuckerberg did was to extend that into an online presence with the original creation of first “Facemash” ⇒ led to “theFacebook” ⇒ led to “Facebook”!  Although, and agree or not, he initially used it to let fellow students vote on the attractiveness of certain other students.

Some Interesting Facts

  • Facebook began in 2004
  • Began at Harvard University and later moved their Headquarters to California
  • There are over 700 million users per day
  • This works out to close to 2 billion users per month

Source: http://newsroom.fb.com/Key-Facts

What Does This Have To Do With Blogging?

Knowing why and how FB started gives us some insight about how best to blog and share on this social media giant (except for the “attractiveness voting” thing; not recommended). With a goal of meeting new people and connecting with them on a personal level, FB continues to advocate for this today.

Thus the reasons for things like:

  • Giving users the option to send and approve friend requests
  • “Liking” posts, comments, and even promos
  • Being able to block users
  • Adding self-portraits and cover pictures
  • Providing timelines and pages that give the users control over the information they share

To Blog Or To Sell

If you don’t already know (and everyone does who uses Facebook) there are about a thousand ads per second (OK, I made that up…but there are a lot). And there are tons of posts that include links to websites…Baby Boomers Learn To Blog does this as well.

That’s all well and good and these ads and links all serve a purpose and evidently are in demand because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be there.

BUT…which do you think gets more interaction: an ad or a blog about something significant that occurred? Hands down it will be the personal sharing that gets the most “likes”, reshares, and comments.

Facebook belongs to the “social network” genre and, no, that is not some conglomerate that is manipulating social media from afar. These networks have become online billboards more often than not and are no longer have the intimate one-to-one connectedness that companies such as Facebook may have originally envisioned.

Blogging Puts The Social Back In Networking

Network connectionAll glitz and glamour aside, blogging is still the best way to interact on FB. Try this out for yourself, post something significant and engaging in a status. And then, if you have one, post an ad or a link to your website. Which one gets the most hits?

Don’t put something irrelevant, like my breakfast choice (granola, BTW), but something that engages your friends and encourages others to like what you said.

As an example, when my daughter graduated from high school and I made a “sad” daddy status, I received a number of comments. When I posted the song she wrote and sang at grad (with her permission, of course)I received a flood of “wows” and “she’s so talented” likes…and comments.

Why? It was personal, resonated with graduates and parents, and, well (here’s dad’s bias), she is attractive and really is talented.

Nothing But The Truth

People often think they are being scammed online to their inundated with “buy this” or “join here”. But when you hit them between the eyes with truth and real life situations they see the truthfulness behind the words; they see you!

If you want to get engagement on Facebook, get folks coming back to read your stuff and share, like, and comment, then you must learn to blog authentically…be you online.

If you would like to join me on my Facebook Page you can join me here: https://www.facebook.com/babyboomerslearntoblog

Thanks for reading.

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