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The Walking Scammed Are Littering The Home Business Landscape

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Zombie chasing moneyThey’re out there, the “Walking-Scammed”; those that have tried and tried to start a home business but have been stunned by a barrage of scams. By others who have no qualms in taking money from the unwitting!

The majority of us that are looking to make extra money truly believe in the inherent good (or should I say, “internet good”) of others. We believe that others are trustworthy and fair. We rarely anticipate that someone would take advantage of us…what have we ever done to them?

Buyer beware…working online is a two-edged sword and our edge is usually dull.

If It Looks Too Good To Be True…

…it usually is! How many times have you clicked that “enter your best email” box (you know the one, right below the big red arrow) thinking that this would be your path to online riches. And then you paid for the first round of products.

“But wait…to make even more money you should also buy”…and you click and buy…and buy some more. Until, finally, you can’t afford the rent or to pay the utility bills or, heaven forbid, buy food to put on the table.

Folks, you just got scammed!

Someone’s Bank Account Is Bigger…is it Yours?

There are those online whose only goal is to make their account bigger. They don’t really care about you and the fact that you are pinning all of your hopes and dreams on this “opportunity” that they promise will make you a “ton of money while you sleep”.

And, well, they’re not really laughing all the way to the bank but they certainly are traveling there in a fancy car (you probably paid for the gas or a tire, maybe even lunch). They got what they wanted from you and in exchange gave you something that was very likely already free on the internet.

Stop The Press!

And stop any further payments on your credit card; the time to get out is now. Even if you feel embarrassed or feel like you have to tuck your tail between your legs…just stop paying now.

Some of these “gurus” might promise that you can get your money back but don’t worry about that right now. Just stop paying them any more, they have enough and you don’t.  Get out and then try to get your money back (good luck).

And don’t feel ashamed, just get out now. Listen to that little voice inside that’s been telling you all along to get out, hit the road, stop throwing good money after bad.

Write It Off As A Lesson Learned

We will go through many life experiences that are good and bad, it’s how we learn as human beings. Recognizing when something was a bad decision is the first step in making the right decision.

If you know you made a poor choice then it’s time to own up to it. I did and you can read about how I joined this walking brood of discouraged entrepreneurs. But now I can look back and thank my lucky stars that I got out after a mere 4 months.

Still Have A Passion To Work Online?

Excellent because there is an answer and I like to call it…FREE!

If you’re feeling shell-shocked and dismayed, or even if you haven’t gotten out of that “miraculous opportunity” then you owe it to yourself to keep looking. There is a reason you began your online business journey and you shouldn’t give it up.

Here is an option for you that will let you start with a free website (two actually), free training, and a community that wants you to succeed.

The “Walking Scammed” are welcome…the scammers are not!

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  1. Thanks, Rick, right on! There are so many scammers out there taking advantage of older Boomers trying to make supplemental income. Having reviewed your site, I’d like it if you care to guest post on my site or share a relevant post with appropriate backlink to your blog. Best wishes, Al.

    • Thanks for your comment. I will definitely check your site out. Boomers and seniors seem to be such a target for these scammers. Hopefully we use our innate caution and don’t sign up for every shiny object that comes along.

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