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The First Step In Setting Up Websites For Dummies: Throw The Book Away!

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The First Step In Setting Up Websites For Dummies Throw The Book Away 2If you’re like me you may look askance at a book that proclaims that setting up websites for dummies is easy if you but follow along. But, like me, are you wary and look at these claims with both hope and trepidation? Hope, because maybe we’re “normal” and there actually are answers for those of us that don’t know what we’re doing…and are willing to admit it.

Trepidation for two reasons:
1. What if we still don’t get it?
2. What if there needs to be something even simpler?

Throw the book away!…take a look at this hands on training.

How Do You Learn?

Many of us, especially adult learners, still like the old fashion way of learning; with books and lessons that are to be graded and you either pass or fail. But we also learn by reading and doing, watching videos, and even participating in discussions.

At Wealthy Affiliate you have the opportunity to learn through:

1. Training: the free membership gives you 10 lessons in the Certification 1 Training. You will find your niche, start your website, and learn how to get that all-important “search engine love”.

If you decide to go Premium (and there is no obligation) then you will be given access to another 3 Certification Courses that will teach you how to get traffic, monetize your website, and learn how to get social online.

Certification Courses Overview

Certification Courses 1 to 4



Video classes: these will provide you with a great opportunity to learn by watching…and doing. Seeing how an industry expert sets up his WordPress site, add the required plugins, and set up your site framework means that you will see and then do.  Pause the video if you need to, he’ll wait for you to complete the task.

Click below to watch the video.

Wealthy Affiliate Introductory Video


3. Classrooms: there are 13 Classrooms that both experts and beginners can post queries, advice, and success stories. With over 500,000 discussions, there is something for everyone. And there is no problem finding what you need with the handy search bar that will find the topic that you are searching for.


Additional Classrooms

4. Everyone likes a Boot Camp: if you want to get in on the ground floor and learn how to promote a product, in this case the WA Affiliate Program, then join one of the owners as he teaches how it’s done by showing you how he does it. Watch his website get created and built out as he takes you through each step of creating your own affiliate website.

Is Having Support Important To You?

One of the often repeated complaints is the isolation that authors (yes, you are one when you write a post) feel, especially those who are working from home. Whether you want a website for business or pleasure it is sometimes difficult to stay motivated and on target with your goals.

1. Your Online Support (for Premium members)

Wealthy Affiliate has an incredibly responsive support team should you ever have difficulties with your website(s). This includes the ability to restore your site from their backup, go in and take a look at issues you may be having, or assisting with hosting issues. This team is always available and quick to respond.

2. Membership support:

This is truly a community that wants to help one another and that share successes and failures with one another. Made up of experts and beginners, we all help each other. Want proof? Check out this post: “Want To Know How To Fix A Website? Ask For Help!”

3. Need help now?

Live Chat is a feature favorite for most of us. Free members get 7 days access but it is primarily set up to allow Premium members to talk to one another, brainstorm ideas, maybe review each other’s sites and…to just chat. While we may never actually meet, we do get to know one another on a personal basis and share what’s going on in our “real” worlds as well.

How Do You Feel About Spam?

Tips to Avoid the Latest Scams - No Spam Sign…not allowed at Wealthy Affiliate…Spam is an absolute “no-no”!

Wealthy Affiliate is about each one of us creating our own online business. Many of us have staggered over there because of the barrage of scams we have allowed ourselves to become victims of. We’re shell-shocked.

The last thing the owners of WA want is to see any of their members spammed or scammed. In fact, it’s taken so seriously that if you ignore the rules you could get a partial ban or, if warranted, kicked out without the opportunity to ever join again!

This is a safe place for members to learn and create their business. You will find this should you decide to join.

So, Is It Better Than A Book?

You’re not a dummy so don’t get caught up in thinking that way from the cover of a book. You have the ability to learn and Wealthy Affiliate has the tools to help you do that…learn with the most up-to-date training there is.

Ready To Get Started?

If you want more than a book then you can do one of two things:

  1. Read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here.
  2. Create a free membership and decide for yourself.
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  1. Great post Rick! Perhaps a decade ago books like those were still useful (for setting up websites), but today, there’s just a much easier approach to setting up a website and learning to build it without having to read through 100’s of pages. WA is probably the best to date.

    Oh and another thing: For people who are new to building websites, even if you do read the book and follow the instructions, you will undoubtedly have questions arise and in those cases the book won’t help you, good support will. Luckily WA has that too 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments. Another thing a book won’t give you is videos. How many times have we watched so we could see someone actually do. I learn better this way, especially when it comes to doing something in your dashboard.

  2. So agree with you the WA is so much better than a book. With a book things are stagnet – however with the WA you are constantly keep up to date with the ever changing internet.

    Something that was working yesterday may not be so useful today – and with a book you would never know that right away and when you do find out you’ll be behind the curve to make any adjustments.

    Great post Rick – keep up the great work!!

    I believe in you

    • If find that the training and updates at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none. They updated us on the new changes to Google immediately and show us how to do things properly in the ever-changing internet world. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Rick, You are right about the support and live chat at WA. I’ve tried to learn using those ‘dummie’ books but usually fall asleep. I love knowing that if I’ve a problem or query, somebody will help. I know it can sometimes be a distraction but have a gossip in Live Chat can usually spur me on if I get myself in a muddle. Great post. Chat soon

    • I love the Live Chat as well. So much more interactive and immediate for those of us who are creating an online business and might need an answer NOW, so we can move on with our post. Thanks for stopping by.

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