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Internet educationDear Baby Boomer: Are you looking for the best online school to learn about the internet, start a website, and maybe even make some extra money?

30 years ago, two friends graduated from their local college and each set out on their careers, full of hope and ambitious plans for their future.  Both of them got married, had kids, bought the house…well, you get the picture.

Each one was successful in their chosen field; meaning that they were making enough to pay the bills and feed the kids.  They were also able to advance in their respective companies and receive modest raises and earn extra vacation days every year.

Fast forward to today when the last of their kids have moved out and they find they have extra time, maybe even extra money, to spend on themselves.  But this also brought with it the realization that retirement was their next big life event and perhaps their retirement funds would not cover their expenses.

Creating an extra income became critical for each of these Boomers!

Each turned to the internet, knowing that online businesses were prospering and that the opportunities were seemingly endless.  One of them succeeded…the other did not.

Finding the Right Online Education

Have you ever searched the internet, like I have, for legitimate online business opportunities that were guaranteed income-generators?  Who hasn’t, right.  And for the most part, we’re all average people with average intelligence and are accustomed to making correct decisions.

But we are also exposed to online scams and even hear about them in the news and how someone, often a senior, has lost a lot, if not all, of their money.

And that is why I am writing this post for you and for people like you who want to start your own online business but do not want to become a “scammer-stat”.  This is something none of us choose but many are a victim of.

I want to introduce you to the online school, Wealthy Affiliate, a learning center focused on providing knowledge to its members that they can use to build a successful online business.

A School Like No Other

Wealthy Affiliate is unique in the world of online marketing; it’s focus is about learning before earning.  Every day there are new free lessons providing updated information you need and an online chat room that allows its members to get immediate help.

The internet is vast and contains millions of websites and the search engines are always changing their algorithms and the rules they use to rank websites on page one.

Every day you will find updates and pointers for website owners that will help you know what is important and significant for your niche and, more importantly, for your visitors so that you are providing them with the information and products that they are searching for.

Education is Power

Today, when I was on my Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard, I got caught up on the important news and tips for internet marketing.  Every topic is covered: from writing quality content, unsubscribing to scammers, how to install a WordPress plugin, and even celebrating with a member who made their first dollar online.

I read of success stories from Thailand, London, Canada, and the United States.  Members from all over the world are a part of this community and have developed friendships with people they have never met and will likely never meet; but their support is genuine nonetheless.

In short, I read article after article that can help you, your website, and your income.

There are also many sections within the training that will provide you with the tools you need: from the Certification Courses, to the Boot Camp Course, even to the many Classrooms that offer help in Getting Started, Keyword, Niche, and Market Research, WordPress tutorials (it’s the platform that is used), Search Engine Optimization, and Authoring/Writing Content.  There are even Classrooms that will teach you how to properly use Pay Per Click and other advertising strategies.

Finally, and unlike many other online schools, the owners are involved with their members on a daily basis.  Today Carson was helping someone who was having difficulties with their website and Kyle posted a couple of great articles about writing content to attract massive traffic and using the WordPress Editor function.  Each of them has also taken the time to look at the site you are on now and offer me some very useful feedback on my theme and framework so that it would be appealing to those of you who find your way here.

Your Own Personal Membership

Put my statements to the test and you will see the value in joining this great community.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the opportunity to begin your websites for free, which also comes with free training and support.  This allows you to take action now on creating your own online presence and owning your very own piece of online real estate.

Or you can get the full benefits of the school and upgrade to Premium and enjoy all of the added training that comes with that.  This will allow you to host any websites you own, have further professional and courteous support, and take full advantage of their state-of-the-art communication tools.  But this is voluntary to upgrade and not a requirement of membership.

To join free today, simply click here, watch a short video from one of the owners, and create your membership.  All you will need is your name, an email, and then create a username to use online, and a password.

And it’s free to join.

Once you’re inside you will be able to immediately take full advantage of everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.  I’m sure you will agree that this is a fair and reasonable opportunity for you to test out this school and decide if it is for you.

But to do that you need to sign up first.

Back to those two Baby Boomers that went looking for online opportunities: What allowed one to succeed and not the other?  No one intentionally starts up any kind of business to fail.

But one of them signed up for a get-rich-quick scheme that they truly believed was legitimate and lost $30,000…true story!

The other Boomer, searched the internet until they found the training that would provide them with the skills and support that they would need to be successful online…true story…and you can meet some of them inside Wealthy Affiliate.

The difference: knowledge and using it to succeed!

I cannot promise that you will succeed online, regardless of the training center you select.  But what I can promise is that if you don’t find one that is a fit for you then your chances to succeed are diminished.

You will find Wealthy Affiliate to be such a school: dedicated to your success by giving you the tools and resources you need to create a successful business online.

Join today!

Thanks for reading.


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