Learn How To Create A Successful Online Business

“How Do You Create A Website?” I Asked. “Like This,” They Said


You Got What It Takes“Make money while you sleep! Put it on autopilot! Get rich quick!” Blah, blah, blah. These scam headlines are plastered all over the internet. Have you been-there-done-that?

Have you ever stopped and just asked, “How do I create a website that people will read?” That’s the secret to online success: learn it…own it…do it! It’s that simple and it’s that hard. Things worth doing are worth doing right and you shouldn’t treat your website like some prize in a Cracker Jack box; cheap and of little value.

Why not let the experts help you get started?
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Creating A Goal For Your Website – It’s Not A Roll Of The Dice

Creating A Goal For Your Website - Or You Can Roll The DiceDaddy needs a new pair of shoes! C’mon lucky #7!

This doesn’t exactly sound like the best way of creating a goal for your website, letting chance and lady luck roll the dice for you. But how many website owners leave their goals to the gods to decide for them?

(By the way), the goal of this website is “to show Baby Boomers how easy it is to create their own blog (website)”. Nothing complicated and every page or post is written with that goal in mind and there must be some tidbit of useful information each visitor can take away with them.

How do you decide on your goal when you’re first setting up your website and can your goal ever change?

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