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My “Wake Up Now” Home Business Debate: And The Winner Is…?

My Wake Up Now Debate About Easy Money

You don’t go to bed broke and “Wake Up Now” Rich

Recently, I was contacted by someone I knew who asked me if I was interested in a “network marketing opportunity”. Of course, I thought, not knowing that this would turn into a debate about the “Wake Up Now” Home Business…scam!

OK, in fairness, I tried to look at it objectively but as I did some quick reviews I became more and more concerned that this was a bundling of free programs already available online that were turned into a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and that would give me unprecedented wealth.

Baby Boomers Learn To Blog is not just a website about creating a successful blog but it is also dedicated to reviewing other online businesses in an attempt to provide insights into the latest scummy scams that target our generation and others.

So enjoy this debate and let me know who you think wins.

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