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10 Years To Retirement

Ten Years toGo to RetireI recently turned 55 and realized that I only had 10 years left to my retirement; meaning the mandated retirement our governments impose upon us.  I plan to carry on working if body and mind allow me to.

But I also began thinking of those 10 years and what I could accomplish.  What are some of the things from my youth (meaning my 20’s and 30’s) that I wanted to do but never did?  Whether because of family or work commitments or even because I let myself get distracted by other things.

I wanted to share some of these things with you today.

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Baby Boomer Retirement Secrets: What We Don’t Want You To Know

Baby Boomer Retirement Secrets

photo credit: Raquel Camargo via photopin cc

Shhh, don’t let the cat out of the bag.  We Baby Boomers have our retirement secrets and we’re not telling anyone.  Well, OK, maybe I’ll list a few of them but don’t pass it on and don’t let them go public.

There’s no government plot and you won’t see us in this summer’s blockbuster movies.  But because we’ve grown up in times of great changes and advancements you must admit that we “weren’t born yesterday”.  We’ve been flying under the radar and our masses have been quietly biding our time.


The Baby Boomer time is here!

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Baby Boomers and Retirement

Retirement SignThe surge in retiring Baby Boomers is upon us!  We’ve raised our families, a lot of us have become “empty-nesters”, and now we are casting a wary eye at our 65th birthday.


But here’s something interesting regarding our retirement income…or lack thereof:

According to the 2011 Associated Press and LifeGoesStrong.com survey:

  • 60% lost value in investments because of the economic crisis
  • 42% are delaying retirement
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